Looking Skyward - 27 East

Looking Skyward


Ground Level

  • Publication: Southampton Press
  • Published on: Jan 11, 2022
  • Columnist: Marilee Foster
We headed south as we always do, for vacation in North Carolina, and speeding away from home in our tightly packed car we cross the Long Island Pine Barrens. All... more

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Vacation Reads

I left for vacation unprepared. For example, I packed two adjustable wrenches, but no undergarments. ... 18 Jan 2022 by Marilee Foster

A Year Of Firsts

Seldom, if ever, have I seen night crawlers on a January eve. But here they ... 4 Jan 2022 by Marilee Foster

In Time For Christmas

My first memory of Christmas was the year it almost didn’t happen. We didn’t have ... 21 Dec 2021 by Marilee Foster

Watching From Afar

Walking west after dark and hoping to see some meteorites. It’s a very clear night ... 14 Dec 2021 by Marilee Foster

Can’t Harvest It All

Here we are again, going into the shortest days with seed catalogs arriving and the ... 7 Dec 2021 by Marilee Foster

A Day At The Beach

The child is ahead of her adult companions, and as she stands alone at the ... 1 Dec 2021 by Marilee Foster

Quoth The Raven

The trees above the chicken yard are empty of all their leaves, but for now ... 22 Nov 2021 by Marilee Foster

A Tidy Lawn

It’s leaf blowing season. Not the gas kind, not the electric kind, but the tempest ... 16 Nov 2021 by Marilee Foster

The Nose Knows

I get a whiff of Sagg Pond, or rather its muck, as the pond “out,” ... 9 Nov 2021 by Marilee Foster

There, Then Gone

There is almost a frost this morning. Cold almost bites the nose. And in this ... 2 Nov 2021 by Marilee Foster

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