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Love Being Local

As a native of Sag Harbor, raised and educated here, I am so often heartbroken to see the many physical changes taking place “in my hometown.”

I guess I never truly appreciated the underlying flow of “goodness and caring” experienced all my living years here, until these physical changes caused me to pause and question the “soul goodness running deep” with us natives and how that might also change with the physical characteristics. It began to make me wonder about the possible loss of what has made us so unique and special.

But like so many others of us, I just continued going day to day, doing my usual best work, trying to get keyed into the school system to stay informed, reading the Express to try to catch up locally, and still smiling at strangers in the streets and saying “good morning” to passing folks.

I have been blessed to watch and be a part, albeit small, as my community pulled together to help one another through sad and difficult times — regardless of political affiliation, color or creed. I know, in my heart of hearts, there might be other small towns like us, but I believe we are and always will be special.

With the current environment of COVID, our first responders, police department and volunteer fire department personnel have gone above and beyond to help keep us all as safe as possible — at their own risk, I must add!

Some of us, God willing, will never have to have an experience with them firsthand — but when the call goes out, they are there, ASAP. Such a special blessing, just saying, in case you never needed it!

I have to add one special note as a “forever local,” an occurrence in a local establishment, The Corner Bar, one of the last remaining “gin mills” of my day.

A favorite of “locals,” with fabulous food and service, the almost last of “our” favorite haunts, I had the pleasure of a lunch business meeting there yesterday, with masks, of course, and two associates new to this establishment. Having to leave early, my two friends remained behind — and, to my utter surprise today, I received a call that an article had been recovered from our table that might be important.

I responded to find that, indeed, the forgotten article was not only important but extremely valuable, belonging to my associate, who was unfamiliar to the waitstaff. They did, however, know who I was and promptly found the information to get hold of me

God, I love being local! Being recognized by honest and caring working folks just like me!

Thank you, Mave Batapaglia, and all the staff at our wonderful Corner Bar!

Sharon Botto, CNHC

SunShine Natural Health



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