Montauk Lobstermen Recall Their 'Speck In The Sea' Ordeal - 27 East

Montauk Lobstermen Recall Their ‘Speck In The Sea’ Ordeal

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John Aldridge holding the boot that kept him afloat while lost at sea for about 12 hours. ELIZABETH VESPE

John Aldridge holding the boot that kept him afloat while lost at sea for about 12 hours. ELIZABETH VESPE

Debbie Tuma asking questions to John Aldridge and Anthony Sosinski about their book

Debbie Tuma asking questions to John Aldridge and Anthony Sosinski about their book

 A Speck in the Sea

A Speck in the Sea

authorElizabeth Vespe on Oct 2, 2018
John Aldridge was literally little more than a speck in the sea after being thrown off his lobster boat, the Anna Mary, on July 24, 2013. A crowd was all... more

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