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More Experience

I am writing to share my enthusiastic support for Ronald Reed and Grainne Coen, two extraordinary Sag Harbor School Board candidates.

Grainne (pronounced Grania) brings her enormous experience as a financial executive along with years of collaborative work on numerous public boards. Since moving to Sag Harbor with her two small children, she has rolled up her sleeves and shared her experience with the schools, working in both finance and facilities. She is articulate, thoughtful, and, most important, able to listen, with a clear desire to get things done.

Ronald is a successful architect and artist with a long career in building large-scale projects for the public good, developing the collaborative and visionary skills needed to help oversee a school system. He, too, rolled up his sleeves and worked both on the school’s Facilities Committee and the village’s Planning Board. He is also a brilliant artist whose work aims to expand the mind and the soul. Ron’s wife, Patricia, owns the beautiful Matriarka shop on Main Street whose decorations delight us through the seasons.

Ronald Reed is a write-in candidate. Please make sure to write his name in correctly.

Grainne and Ronald have the patience, intelligence and open-mindedness to be exemplary board members. They have far more experience and a much broader worldview than the other candidates running and, more importantly, have a vision for the district that is collaborative, inclusive and positive.

Sag Harbor needs such a vision, now more than ever.

Ken Dorph

Sag Harbor