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Never Had A Chance

On Thursday, I was a tad disappointed but certainly not surprised to see that you elected to not publish my Letter to the Editor [“No Will To Look,” Letters,, January 4]. You, of course, did publish letter after letter from readers excoriating Lee Zeldin for exercising his constitutional right to challenge the electoral votes in seven disputed states.

The American people own those votes for the next 22 months, and those records are open to examination. Rather than the pervasive vilification witnessed in the letters you chose to publish, my letter simply pointed out that there was a means to verify what, if any, of the mailed-in ballots were indeed legitimate or fraudulent through existing technology. This technology is quick and comprehensive but has not been used, even though it is readily available.

I briefly described how this technology works, how it is extremely reliable and is the brainchild of Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, who invented and holds the patents for the scan technology that is used every time you enter the airport with an e-ticket or scan any item for pricing.

I merely pointed out that there is no will to actually learn the truth. You chose to publish instead invective after invective rather than a logical alternative to learn what was actually happening with one of the major disputed elements in our last presidential election this past November.

You would prefer to continue the narrative that there was no evidence of voter fraud, despite tens of thousands of signed affidavits that attest to just the opposite.

It defies all logic that such technology is being rejected that could potentially end a controversy that will be an indelible stain in our history books forever. Liberals and the media prefer to keep it that way.

Black Lives Matter hijacked and laid siege for months to some of our major cities under the guise of “peaceful protest” endorsed by liberals from all over our nation. Everyone should be repulsed by the rioting at our Capitol this week, but what is not being heard is that there is a great, simmering discontent by just about half our voting public over not only how this election was handled but how the entire past four years has been an active effort to undermine the Trump administration before he even set foot in office. From Russian collusion to a failed impeachment, there has never been any attempt to let the administration transition — it was thwarted at every turn with the help of a 24/7 barrage of attacks from the media while never acknowledging a single accomplishment.

Even Operation Warp Speed is now being set up to be heralded as a Biden accomplishment once the vaccine is distributed.

John Porta



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