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No Boogeyman

Carlos Sandoval calls himself a progressive pluralist [“The Ballot And The Boogeyman,” Vistas, Opinion, November 11]. That he is not; in fact, he’s so left he has left the country.

Blaming Democrats getting skunked in the election on the “boogeyman” and fear-mongering is not accurate — in fact, it’s scary. What’s clearly going on here is that the current administration has basically failed to lead our nation in a positive direction, from the failed economy to COVID mandates, double-digit inflation and Afghanistan, along with allowing 1.5 million to enter this country illegally, which does not sit well with all Americans, not just white Americans.

He additionally equates critical race theory with a fear that somehow we shouldn’t question it. Again, he’s on the wrong track, somehow equating the George Floyd killing as proof that it’s not critical race theory. What are the “compassionately confronting truths”? A lie doesn’t make something true, and teaching that one race is oppressed and the other oppressor just deepens the divide.

America has confronted systemic racism, and equality is the norm more then ever. In fact, I challenge Mr. Sandoval to point out where systemic racism exists in America. The word “systemic” has become the catch-all for all that is wrong, but without pointing out where and how it exists.

Comparing the 1619 Project and the Tulsa race riots in the same sentence is disingenuous. One, the 1619 Project is a blatant distortion of historical fact; in fact, it’s a lie and should not be taught in any school that legitimately examines history.

The Tulsa race riots, on the other hand, is a combination of media distortion by a racist newspaper owner at the time, along with other misinformation. A clear American tragedy on so many levels.

I’m glad you take solace in knowing that the Democrats swept in East Hampton. But, the reality out here is that it’s more about the person, not the political affiliation. After all, we are more in tuned to making a better life for our community for all, not just a party.

But I do encourage you to run for office while at the same time supporting critical race theory, the 1619 Project, “de-fund the police,” along with the redistribution of wealth for sake of equity. How do you think your fellow residents would respond? You’d get clobbered, Mr. Sandoval.

Stop race baiting and blaming race for the Democrats losing in November. If they don’t wake up and fix runaway inflation, along with higher costs for gas and home heating oil and the border crisis, they will lose even bigger in 2022, and the boogeyman and race will have nothing to do with the total lack of respect shown so far to America and Americans by this current administration.

Thomas Jones

Sag Harbor