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Not All Schiavonis

This letter comes to you not from one person but from a family, submitted with respect.

Growing up in Sag Harbor as a Schiavoni was an incredibly special thing. There is a true novelty to introducing yourself to someone and them already knowing either an aunt, uncle, cousin or even a parent.

I love being a Schiavoni, and I love what being a Schiavoni in Sag Harbor means.

Friday night, my immediate family was made aware that a sign had been put out next to the Sag Harbor Post Office stating that the “Schiavoni family” supports a particular political candidate. This is not the view of the entire Schiavoni family.

The Schiavoni family is made up of many individuals. Each of us has our own unique life and perspective. To paint with just a broad stroke is disrespectful and grossly misleading.

This letter is to make sure that the message is clear: Those Schiavonis do not speak for us, just as we do not speak for them.

Julia Schiavoni

Sag Harbor

The letter included a note that it also was signed by: Ted, Mary, Meg and Matthew Schiavoni; Catherine Schiavoni Bromberg; Simon Bromberg; and Tommy John, Andrea, Anna and Thomas Schiavoni — Ed.


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