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Not Impressed

As a 40-year Westhampton resident, I write to agree with those who are not impressed with the opening of Lidl supermarket [“Shoppers Check Out New Lidl Grocery in Westhampton Beach,”, May 21].

In my time here, I have lived through six or seven different occupants of this building — and this is perhaps the worst. Coming after Best Market, it was a high bar, but these people don’t seem to even try. What they call a bakery could pass for the donut display at 7-Eleven. The absence of a deli counter and a fresh fish department underscores the paucity of choices. The middle of the store looks like a garage sale/flea market and takes away from what could be valuable food display.

The prices on specials may be good, but the limited choice of brands means no comparison. Why do you have to buy a bag of onions when you only need one or two?

Looks like I will have to continue to do what I have been doing since Best Market closed and shop in Riverhead, where the options are plentiful.

John Ferrara