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Not Since Nazis

I hope this letter gets printed, after several previous attempts have been ignored in favor of left-leaning diatribes promoting a Democrat to win the congressional seat from our 1st District.

This suppression of alternate viewpoints is rampant in our information sources and is becoming a frightening aspect of what a Progressive movement with control of our government would be. The slightest inference that your views on race, gender, law enforcement, economic freedom, globalism, etc., don’t synchronize well with the thought fanaticism we see from Progressives — such as “wokeness,” “Black Lives Matter,” environmental extremism, anti-capitalism, pro-socialism, and the “cancel culture” mob — can get you in serious personal trouble. Your job could be taken from you. Not because you are evil, but because they can declare you so.

Not since the Nazis burned books and the Communists imposed their rigid doctrines has our freedom been under assault by a politically correct fascism whose intolerance is so manifest.

The division in our country is the result of many issues. Primarily at this time, the disdain rightly or wrongly for the individual acting as POTUS is at the core. Any position he takes is already the object of scorn by the Trump haters. I will confess without remorse that, as a messenger, President Trump is severely handicapped by his own character flaws.

With that in mind, I cannot disagree with his record. He has prevailed in securing our border, curtailing immigration abuse, rebuilt our military, lowered taxes, lowered prescription drug prices, forced by executive order transparency in the cost of medical services, reformed the Veterans Administration, signed the First Step Act reforming our criminal justice system, employed more Americans and had a roaring economy until the COVID-19 epidemic, promoted school choice, and renegotiated trade deals with Canada, Mexico and China so American businesses would have a level playing field to compete on.

Lee Zeldin is being pilloried for supporting the Trump agenda. His latest sin seems to be he chose not to wear a mask at a rally [“Just A Face In The Crowd,” Editorial, June 25]. These ridiculous, petty attempts to tar a record of accomplishment are pathetic.

Pathetic is a word I would use to describe the Democrat primary in our district. I cannot imagine a more dysfunctional government than one controlled by Progressives, led by the hapless Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, AOC and the Adam Schiffs of their party.

Ed Surgan



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