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One More Dunce Cap

According to the article in The Press, “Housing Reform Has Unintended Consequences” [Residence, August 22], the reforms contained in the Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act, meant to address problems of rent-controlled and -stabilized apartments in the city, had “statewide” implications, which are inappropriate and crippling for the seasonal rental market on the East End.

How come Fred Thiele wasn’t aware of that when he signed on to it? Did he not have the stamina to read it carefully before “aye-ing” it? It was part of a 75-pages-long report, and seasonal rentals were never discussed? Did it not occur to him to ask if there were any implications for seasonal rentals (the mainstay of many of his constituents) instead of waiting for someone else to bring it up?

As for the daunting 75 pages of reading, many of us have had to put in time reading thousands of pages in our free time just to keep up with the political machinations out here. And we are not paid as Thiele is.

Ever the hero, he is now talking to “people,” and the attorney general, and will try to introduce legislation to free seasonal rentals from the provisions of the act. This might happen in January. Meanwhile, there is chaos looming now for people trying to rent their houses for next summer.

Nothing says “dunce” like closing the barn door after the horse has bolted.

Frances Genovese Southampton


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