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Our Basic Values

Congressman Lee Zeldin is a man of strong moral character who shares many of our basic values while supporting the freedoms we want as American citizens. He shows by his concern for the mental, physical and economic well-being of his constituency.

Not only does Lee Zeldin embrace our beliefs but through his efforts he has had many accomplishments for Long Island. He secured more than a million items of critical personal protective equipment and medical supplies for Suffolk County at the height of the coronavirus pandemic and delivered vital stimulus aid to families and small businesses through the CARES Act. This aid helped keep Long Islanders afloat during very difficult times.

Why vote for Nancy Goroff, the radical candidate who refused to condemn looting and violence against citizens and police? She pushed a bill for cashless bail and the release of violent criminals, while calling our law enforcement “dangerous.” She refused to endorse the use of federal funding against MS-13!

Congressman Zeldin will continue to fight for our law enforcement officers, as he has always done. He’s the only person who should carry out this truly vital role in serving us, the citizens of Congressional District 1.

Valerie Zuccarelli

Hampton Bays


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