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Pivotal Juncture

I have known Bill Manger Jr. for more than 45 years. I admire Bill’s integrity, competence and steadfast nature. Bill has a demonstrated record of civic-minded leadership, and I believe he is the exact kind of leader that our village needs.

Bill’s previous experiences serving the village qualify him for the trustee role; he served two trustee terms 25 years ago, during which he lowered taxes and helped update the village’s Comprehensive Master Plan. He currently chairs the Steering Committee.

Bill has also served our country when called, most notably as the chief of staff of the Small Business Administration; during COVID, Bill distributed nearly $550 billion in relief funds to 5.2 million small businesses across the country.

For all his professional accolades, Bill’s strength of character is where he shines most. Whether in the political or personal sphere, he balances his good humor and easy-going nature with fierce persistence and devotion to his community. Bill’s ability to reach across the aisle would be of great benefit to Village Hall and beyond.

At this pivotal juncture in our community’s future, we must elect a leader who, above all, can promote unity. Bill fulfills this criterion and then some.

If elected, Bill will always be counted on to act in our community’s best interest. (The fact that he’s running again after 25 years demonstrates how much he cares about Southampton Village.) As a longtime friend of Bill’s, I can vouch that he has what it takes to move Southampton forward.

I strongly encourage all residents to vote for Bill Manger Jr. on Friday, June 17. Our village will thank you for it!

Julia McCormack

Southampton Village