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Rigging The Game

It was disheartening watching our president will himself through his long-awaited press conference. It went reasonably well in the beginning, with the help of the teleprompter. But as the open question-and-answer session wore on, it was clear to me the president was out to convince himself as much as the press corps that he was able to field and respond to their questions.

I will admit he surprised me with his stamina, as the questions he took rolled in like waves crashing on the shore. But there was little to celebrate as his comments meandered and went astray in his sincere attempts to be open and frank.

It continues to amaze me, and I’m sure I am not alone, that this president seems so unfit to lead the world’s preeminent nation, particularly at such an unstable time.

I do not dislike President Biden. But, realistically, I cannot feel sorry for him when in this diminished capacity he is responsible for the well-being of our great country. One has to wonder how long we can survive in these treacherous times with leadership like this.

Democrats are reeling from their failures in legislation as time is slipping away for them to demonstrate they know how to govern. But progressives, by definition, are not a patient bunch. They want to change America overnight into their utopian vision of a classless society, with all outcomes regulated by a leviathan government. The Chinese Communist Party is developing the 21st century prototype.

Fresh off their defeat in circumventing the 60-vote filibuster requirement to federalizing our voting laws, Democrats want to continue to argue that states are suppressing the vote of minority communities. I am perplexed by this claim. If the same voting rules apply to every citizen, how is one party discriminated against? The only way this could happen is if special rules are made to enhance one group over another.

From what I know, the act of registering is the same for everyone. The act of acquiring an absentee ballot is the same, and the choice of voting in person or by mail is the same. Voter ID is no more onerous a requirement than the ID required by most nations.

But racial politics need a victim, and so now we have Democrats challenging equality at the ballot box. It seems that whether it be packing the Supreme Court, changing the Electoral College, challenging the filibuster, or federalizing election laws, progressive Democrats want to rig every game in their favor.

Sadly, in time, I fear they will succeed. Will a voice like mine still be permitted to be heard?

Ed Surgan