Save Moses Park - 27 East


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Save Moses Park

Nearly two years ago, the Foxhollow and Harvest Lane neighborhood fought off the development of 55 condos or 15 single-family homes at the base of the neighborhood. We were told there would not be any appreciable increase in traffic. Luckily, due to our diligence, none of this happened.

We are now faced with another threat of development on Moses Lane. The town wants to develop the park into a full sports center, with tennis courts, bocce alleys, etc.

In this age of sustainability and environmentalism, why not let this park remain passive, where on any given day residents and visitors are seen walking, jogging or walking with their dogs in the peaceful environment?

This may not concern other village residents, but its residual effects will be felt by all. Recently, Moses Lane has become a major conduit to County Road 39. Imagine how these added features would become an added disruption to our peaceful park.

Please encourage our elected officials to respect our neighborhood and we will encourage them to respect yours.

Jacqueline Sammarco Scerbinski

Southampton Village