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Similar But Different

I love history. There’s much in the patterns of human behavior that are repeated by our species throughout the millennia. Books provide us with the opportunity to learn from the lives of others.

For instance, had the Inca possessed writing and libraries, Atahualpa, king of the defunct and disappeared Inca Empire, might have known not to trust the Spanish when they invited him to a party, where they killed him.

We have writing and libraries, yet our species continues to repeat our historical mistakes countless times. In contemporary times, we have Donald Trump, the current occupant of the White House, because he loved the uneducated and they voted him in.

He wasn’t the first to love ignorance: Hitler was another who loved the uninformed so he could manipulate them, like “Don the Con” is presently doing. Both were supported by conservative farmers and the unemployed. Both blamed Democrats, socialists, communists and immigrants for their country’s problems.

Both claimed the “fake” news opposed them. Putin and other autocrats use the same levers to push division among the people to prevent any organized opposition.

Both Hitler and Trump insulted and disparaged their militaries; Trump goes a step further by undermining our confidence in our institutions and our intelligence agencies.

Hitler murdered his critics and opponents, while Trump calls for locking them up (to start). Both used concentration camps to corral their undesirables; Hitler went a step further and exterminated them when possible. Trump only mocks the handicapped on national media, while Hitler removed them from sight.

Both Hitler and Trump claimed superior minds. It’s no wonder, since both are considered malignant narcissists. Hitler’s megalomania is much apparent in the grandiose plans he had for Berlin as capital of the world. Trump’s megalomania is found in his gold-covered toilet seats and the worldwide branding he sells.

It’s no wonder that Trump is “hailed” by white supremacists and American Nazis. Yet, while Hitler was truly a courageous man in war, having earned two Iron Crosses (1st and 2nd class), Trump stayed safe at home with countless bone spurs.

I’ll never forget the scene of Trump slapping a man hard at a sporting event, and Keith Schiller, Trump’s bodyguard, stepping between them to prevent the man from retaliating. There’s a man for you. He’ll take on a 16-year-old girl instead.

Trump tasked Eric Prince, founder of the mercenary army Blackwater, to form a private bodyguard army of 400 to protect him, since the Secret Service isn’t trustworthy and reliable. Note well: Hitler’s SS began as his 400-strong private security guard. Um.

Don’t get me wrong: Trump is no Hitler, since he has no ideology. He’s Mussolini — and a punk.

Lance Corey



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