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Starting To Fight

I live in Noyac, on Club Lane. My house is situated 55 feet from the Southampton Town property line. The Southampton property line defines the edge of the property on which the cell tower is to be located [“‘Can You Hear Us Now?’: Noyac Residents Rally Against Proposed Cell Tower,, November 23].

My neighbor’s house across the street is very close to the same location. My neighbor’s house behind me is located 75 to 80 feet or less from the same location. There are homes above, below, adjacent to, etc., this location.

Yes, this is a residential area. This is not a legal or appropriate location for a cell tower. We will not allow an illegal cell tower to be rammed into our neighborhood by Southampton Town.

We are aware that there are several other locations that could be considered for the placement of this tower, some of which are not in residential areas. I wonder what Southampton Town finds so attractive about a dead-end road in a lovely residential area.

We are in process of organizing to fight this — environmentally, legally and based on loss of real estate values.

Ellen Ruby



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