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Stop It Now

Wake up, Tuckahoe! The Town Board is at it again! Or, said another way: This board never stops pushing unwanted development, and other troubling aspects of its agenda, especially during this time of pandemic upheaval and anxiety, while the public’s concern is elsewhere.

And, as always, sanctimoniously claiming to be eliciting “public input” — and promising ever more public hearings and expensive “studies” to make a skewed process appear fair and open — while the opposite is the truth.

Slathering over the overflowing Community Preservation Fund has resulted in efforts to excise both “community” and “preservation” from this trough of money by “amending” it with other uses.

Such is the effort barreling through the Town Board right now to “amend” the CPF to allow a “pool” on County Road 39 and Magee Street on land purchased with taxpayer dollars to compensate the previous developer for his thwarted plans to put a shopping mall there.

This “pool,” presented as a way to build aquatic expertise as well as to build character for underprivileged kids, is in reality a two-story sports complex, meant to service an older, privileged population with an indoor facility in winter. It will increase traffic, is ugly in design and will potentially be an increasing tax burden.

No rational case has been made to place it in this trouble spot. Questions as to why this proposed pool changed in design and was enticed away from the original Red Creek location (where, demographically, there are more young and possibly deprived kids) and who spearheaded this — unanswered. We must stop it now by not allowing this CPF amendment.

Added to this is the relentless push for the 60-unit Full Gospel Church “affordable housing” next door. Both of these are guaranteed to increase gridlock traffic, uncalculated costs and overdevelopment. And both being rushed through before the town evaluates its Comprehensive Housing Plan due out at the end of the year — or in real time after these two major developments are underway.

Given the speed of the public hearings on the pool amendment, and the public being left out of the process (while pool pushers and proponents have been aided immeasurably by town employees), it is vital that letters and emails be sent in immediately to the Town Board with instructions to be read at the next public hearing, and entered into the record by September 22. Better yet, please come and try to make your voice heard in this ongoing charade.

Both of these developments are potential public tax burdens. They will add to already strangulating traffic problems and further degrade the surrounding village streets. We must stop it now by not allowing this CPF amendment to pass.

Frances Genovese



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