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Take A Stand

In criminal law, a conspiracy is an agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime at some time in the future. Criminal law in some countries, or for some conspiracies, may require that at least one overt act be undertaken in furtherance of that agreement to constitute an offense.

Please, no offense to our awesome doctors. At this time, we are beyond thankful for you. Just presenting facts.

A 2013 paper in the Journal of Patient Safety suggested that 440,000 people per year die from preventable medical error, and a 2016 paper in the BMJ proposed that 251,454 people die from medical errors yearly. The latter’s title declared medical error “the third-leading cause of death in the U.S.”

The lifetime probability of being diagnosed with cancer is 39.3 percent for men and 37.7 percent for women, which is a little more than 1 in 3. Twenty-two percent of deaths in the U.S. in 2016 were from cancer, making it the second-leading cause of death, after heart disease, in both men and women.

Cancer is caused by accumulated damage to genes. Such changes may be due to chance or to exposure to a cancer-causing substance. The substances that cause cancer are called carcinogens. A carcinogen may be a chemical substance, such as certain molecules in tobacco smoke.

What causes cancer? Biological or internal factors, such as age, gender, inherited genetic defects and skin type. Environmental exposure, for instance to radon and UV radiation, and fine particulate matter. Occupational risk factors, including carcinogens such as many chemicals, radioactive materials and asbestos. Lifestyle-related factors.

These are the facts. But some say there’s nothing really bad about 5G being erected across the nation at an enormous rate.

This is a quote from U.S. Representative Thomas Suizzi: “My constituents are worried that should this technology be proven hazardous, the health of their families and value of their properties would be at serious risk.” An article noted that the statement was “prodded by claims that radio airwaves cause brain cancer, reduced fertility, [and caused] headaches in children and other illnesses.”

I know there are millions and millions of dollars raised for scientific studies for the prevention of cancer. I strongly suggest taking some of those millions that are use to fight cancer to now make a stand against technology that will counteract that cause.

We now live in a microwave instant world of gratification. “Hurry up and wait” drives some people bonkers. Slow responses from emails and phone calls are absolutely annoying and sometime inconsiderate. So, we want more speed? Or a speedy death?

So as always I ask: Are you a part of the problem? Or a part of the solution?

Brenda Simmons

Southampton Village


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