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Thank The Epleys

Gina Arresta and Joe McLoughlin are good people, but the Village of Southampton needs experience from Kimberly Allan and Zach Epley and their families.

If you live in the village and have not thanked the Epley family for their community service during the last 20 years, you should.

I reside in Water Mill and actually asked Mark Epley to help us plan a new library and start his political career, and before I finished my reasons, he said, “What do you need my family and I to do?” We got a fair bond approved for the funding, then designed and built one of the finest libraries on Long Island.

I asked Mark Epley and family to assist us with fundraising, design, construction and operating Southampton Youth Services. Guess what the answer was? Again, one of the best facilities for our children and families.

The Epley family again helped me, with our hero Michael Tortorice, in designing and building the new Cultural Center.

Raise your hand right now in the privacy of your home if you ever had a drug and alcohol question and got the answer from the Epley family, or help in getting a friend or family member help?

Some of you understand and appreciate how a family is impacted while using precious time for community service.

Next time you have an opportunity to thank the Epleys, don’t hesitate. Your village and the village that non-residents like me appreciate is a special place, with years of rebuilding for our children and their families. The Epleys helped and continue to help with our food pantry and keeping us safe with all the ambulance and fire department members.

Thank you to all the volunteers in Southampton, and please continue to support the Epleys and their ability to serve all of us.

J. Andreassi and Family

Water Mill


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