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The Biggest Liar?

1. I am not going to attack Ukraine. These are just military exercises.

2. I won the election. The election was rigged. Voting machines were connected to Italy.

3. I believe precedent should be the law of the land.

We seem to be surrounded by liars nowadays.

Vladimir Putin is a liar. He told the world’s leaders he was not going to war despite his continued increase of forces on the Ukraine border. Then he attacked Ukraine and lied to his people saying the only reason he was there was to free Ukrainians from Nazis.

Donald Trump is a liar. He planned to steal an election by taking a page from other despots — and raised hundreds of millions of dollars from his gullible supporters in the name of that cause. He figured out making money that way was much easier than building a building.

Amy Coney Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh are liars. Did they think they were just on a job interview so to embellish the truth was not going to hurt anyone?

Now there are millions of Americans lying to themselves. They are telling themselves that eliminating a woman’s right to family planning will be OK, that letting anyone buy any kind of weapon, anywhere, will be OK, that denying people their rights will be OK, that believing in conspiracy theories will be OK, that the erosion of the faith in the Supreme Court will be OK, that putting power in the hands of a few liars will be OK.

Trump’s lie tried to kill his enemies and democracy. Putin has killed hundreds of Ukrainians. Coney Barrett and Kavanaugh’s lies have killed our trust in the only body of government that we had faith in.

When will we stop tolerating the liars?

Jerry Rosengarten

Southampton Village