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The Real Winner

Jesse Warren is to be congratulated on his win in Friday’s election. However, I believe the real winner were the voters of Southampton Village. They choose not to be intimidated by the hateful, fear-mongering distortions of those supporters of Michael Irving and the dirty campaign that they ran.

Every day we are bombarded by everything that is wrong in this country and all that can divide us. History has shown us that hate, discrimination and partisanship weakens us. Unity is what will create strength. So let’s take down the signs and come back together and move forward.

I truly hope that, now that this campaign is over, two things happen: First, that future seekers of political office will realize that dirty campaigning is not going to get you elected in Southampton Village. Second, that we put the past differences behind us and come together as one group to work on our challenges, appreciating all that is so incredible in this village.

Let’s all find a way to make it better.

Paula Angelone, Ph.D.

Southampton Village