The Red Line - 27 East


Southampton Press / Opinion / Letters / 1916233

The Red Line

You can cross the red line in so many ways. Yet we all are watching such barbaric actions that human eyes should never see. Who would have thought that all those action movies we paid to watch would come true?

Can one man be responsible for all this? He was aided by his ex-KGB officer’s inner circle, whom he has made rich. And by his people, whom he brainwashed by state media. He rules with an iron fist and kills anyone foolish enough to take him on — this is who we are dealing with.

We are lucky Ukraine has a president of the people, and people who have total devotion to their country and freedom.

Western governments are neutered by fear and reality. Vladimir Putin uses fear of his nuclear strength. For years he said he had an army better than the West. For the last month, we have seen what a charade that was.

How can you handle this man? Call his bluff, or we will be blackmailed by every despot who can throw a bomb. The world has to stand up and eliminate these dictators and their weapons.

Gerald Rosengarten