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Their Disservice

Four years ago, in a letter to this paper, I predicted the election of Donald Trump. I’ll make the same prediction this election year: America will continue to say, “President Trump.” He is, after all, saving America.

As we know, the “Fake News” hates him, doesn’t “get him,” and still does not understand why he was elected president in 2016. I thought that the press would make great haste to discover the reasons for this unexpected outcome. Why, you ask? To better understand America … to better understand our country and its people.

I was wrong. Instead of seeking answers in order to “be better” news organizations, they chose to reject a necessary self-examination. They chose, instead, to double down on their hatred of President Trump. Sadly, they suffered no professional consequence for having been so wrong in 2016.

So I’m thinking that when Donald Trump wins this time, the press will feel a deeper sense of humiliation, embarrassment for having dishonored its profession once again, and abject disappointment for having failed the American people for the past five years.

Right — fat chance of that happening.

The guilty parties know who they are, but I’ll name a few anyway: Cooper, Cuomo, Lemon, Tapper, Navarro, Acosta, Baldwin, Borger, Toobin, Kasich, Gergen, Maddow, Todd, Matthews, O’Donnell, Reid, Hayes, Scarborough, and almost every reporter and editorial board member at the New York Times, Washington Post and Los Angeles Times.

I’ll go further in my prediction than I did in 2016: President Trump is going to win in a landslide. With such an outcome, will the anchors and pundits look in the mirror and wonder why they have been so wrong?

No, they will not, and America will continue to suffer from their disservice to our country.

Bill Jones



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