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Things Have Changed

One of the things I’ve always found interesting in life is the so-called “trickle-down” effect. The Cambridge Dictionary definition is: “referring to a situation in which something that starts in the high parts of a system spreads to the whole of the system.” Today, I find this to be so true.

Having lived my entire life in the Hamptons, I have always not only gotten along with my neighbors but benefited from their goodwill and generosity. I have been helped immeasurable times by my neighbors in times of crisis and need and am truly and forever grateful for their goodwill and friendship.

But now things have changed. There is a new odor in the air. It is vitriolic. It is mean. It openly pits neighbor against neighbor. It is the new doctrine of “think of yourself first.” Forget everyone else. Just do what’s best for you. It is the downward trend where we lose our souls.

Is it possible to reverse this trend? Four years ago, there was a shift. It stems from the highest echelons of government. But we the people are the government. It is up to us to be bigger and better, even when our leaders are diminishing our country’s integrity and our democracy.

Let us all do the right thing. Let us vote, let us peacefully disagree if need be, and let us unite as one people.

I believe in the Constitution and the process, and I hope you do too.

Anna Klebnikov Brinsmade

East Quogue and Sagaponack


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