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Times Like This

At this moment in time, and on behalf of myself and every local who resides full time on the East End of Long Island, we would like to thank all of you who are risking your health and the health of your co-workers, friends and family to keep our communities functioning in all capacities.

We are acutely aware of the sacrifices all of you are making for us in the midst of an unseen, poisonous virus spreading throughout our nation and the world, for that matter. It is all of you who truly are the elite, because not only have you strived to earn a living in these trying times, you have aspired to make a difference for us locals.

For those of you “well-heeled” New Yorkers who fled the city to your East End houses and selfishly hoarded more food than you can possibly eat, more alcohol than you can possibly drink, and, dare I say, more ammunition than you can possibly shoot (really?), there was no need. Our East End communities on both forks of Long Island, I have learned since moving here approximately 17 years ago, have lots and lots of heart and would have kindly shared everything they had with all of you to keep our communities from becoming the haves and have-not’s.

Times like this reflect true human nature both in heroics and cowardice. What do you “well-heeled” New Yorkers want to be remembered for throughout our communities?

Steven DiGiorgi

Southampton Village


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