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Tribute In Lights

After seeing the tributes paid to our front-line heroes by the Blue Angels and by Jet Blue, and after seeing blue lights shining in New York City skyscrapers to honor them, too, my husband had the idea of stringing blue lights in front of our house to let all our local health care workers and first responders know how much we appreciate them on a daily basis. 

There is no doubt that we are all in this coronavirus fight for the long haul. Never do we want to take for granted the sacrifices and herculean humanitarian efforts our doctors, nurses and all other essential personnel are making for all of us, every day.

I think it would be a wonderful, beautiful thing if more people were to put lights up to let these caring, selfless people know that we are aware how much we owe them. They need love and support too — just as they offer it to everyone else at this difficult time. 

Laurie Corey



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