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Upsetting To Read

Evelyn Konrad recently wrote a letter that resonated with me [“Not In Sync,” Letters,].

I was born at Southampton Hospital and grew up in a ranch house on one of the small half-acre lots she mentions. I went to Southampton School District schools and am still close with all of my childhood friends who now own family businesses throughout the Hamptons.

She makes mention of personal career goals, ambition and building mansions, as if these are all negative concepts. The bitter tones of her note are upsetting to read.

I understand where she is coming from, but it’s also important to note that all of the local resident business owners survive and depend on the “SUV-racing, giant house-owning and village groceries-hoarding second-home owners.” If those folks do not come to the Hamptons and spend their money, how do all of the local business owners and employees survive?

I just bought my own half-acre ranch in Southampton, and I welcome anyone renovating and constructing in my neighborhood, thereby raising the value of my home.

Growing up out here, I can say it’s never been more beautiful than it is today — the parks, the beaches, the schools, the village and the newly constructed homes all adding to the beautification of the town as a whole.

Evelyn also mentioned Zach Epley specifically. I have known him and his family since I was 5 years old. His parents and grandfather George Benedict invested an incredible amount of time and energy into this community.

They supported the schools, youth programs and were crucial in the construction of the Rec Center — all of which is very important to local residents. In my opinion, nothing is more important than supporting the youth.

Mark Epley was my coach growing up, before becoming mayor. I can tell you he loves this community and supported the growth of it like his son Zach does now. Zach is coaching high school athletics and raising his family in the village. His interests are obviously to take care of the town he grew up in and the town where he chooses to raise his family.

He is part of local fire department and gives back to the community any chance he gets. It is important that he keeps an ear and open mind to local residents as well as those folks with second homes here, who are also vital to the town.

I know who I would vote for.

Andrew Alessandrini


Ms. Konrad’s letter appears in print this week but was published online earlier this month — Ed.


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