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We Know The Truth

I feel the need to respond to certain news articles regarding a real estate transaction I am involved in.

At the end of last year, we had an offer and acceptance on a legal two-family home in Southampton Village that is next door to a house our family has owned for several years. We have made other offers on homes in the area over the past couple of years.

Soon, we are having our 11th grandchild, and we are trying to plan for our family’s future for the next 20 years. We love Southampton Village. All of our children live in the village, and we hope that our grandchildren will be fortunate enough to live here also. We hope they will continue the family traditions of being involved with the fire department, ambulance, coaching, museums, library, food pantry, etc.

One of the renters in this property is Jesse Warren. At the end of June, Mr. Warren’s father contacted our attorney. He was told that we were amenable to renewing his lease, which is up in October, but since we did not own the property it would be inappropriate to negotiate at this time. The senior Mr. Warren confirmed via email that he understood.

We were even told about a broken pool heater and promised to fix it if the current owners do not before the planned closing. Eviction was never an option for us.

So why did Jesse Warren contact the New York Post and Newsday, stating that we were going to evict him? He knew that we were agreeable to negotiating a new lease.

Did he do this because of the previous week’s series of extremely poor decisions negatively impacting the village and hurting some very good people? Maybe he is hoping this would be a distraction for his behavior so he will not be held accountable. Or could this be trying to begin a smear campaign against my son, who is running against Mr. Warren’s two handpicked candidates in the Southampton Village election for Village Board?

Purchasing this property is a good investment for us. It is below market price with solid rental income — and we do not own it yet.

Anyone who thinks that I would spend this amount of money just to evict him is just as bizarre as Mr. Warren’s behavior. I know people believe what they want to believe, but we know the truth.

Mark Epley

Southampton Village

Mr. Epley is a former mayor of Southampton Village — Ed.


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