Why Hampton Bays? - 27 East


Southampton Press / Opinion / Letters / 2018093

Why Hampton Bays?

The choice of location for the sewage treatment plant, as part of a Hampton Bays redevelopment plan, is probably the worst spot anyone could pick — all predicated on what? No town would willing put such a facility in the middle of the town. Added truck traffic, smell, noise. Really? Right in the middle of town?

A bypass is not a feasible adventure, either, without another bridge across the canal, but even that will not help for long, as the traffic will need to merge back into the only two roads going east.

Wake up. Are there changes needed, maybe? Traffic is horrendous, and what would be the answer? I am not an architect, or an engineer, but the backup doesn’t begin in Hampton Bays — it begins farther east, as Sunrise Highway becomes County Road 39 and drops to 30 mph, and Montauk Highway drops to 25 mph as it comes into Southampton.

Possibly, the town should address the cause and not the symptoms. Why is the Southampton Town Board so eager to change Hampton Bays? Who will profit from these changes? Not the residents, or merchants, in my opinion.

Holly C. Reycroft

Hampton Bays