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Pointers On Promoting Pollination Jul 3, 15 7:39 AM

The White House issued a strategy in May to promote the health of honeybees and other important pollinators, called the Pollinator... more

Beating Back Beetles Jul 2, 15 2:45 PM

It’s July, and the crunchy, metallic adult Japanese beetles are ramping up their feeding frenzy. So what can you do?... more

Swarming Bees And Manifest Destiny Jun 28, 15 5:38 PM

The little wenches are up to something. I can feel it. The communal buzzing is pitched a note or two higher, the comings... more

Meet The Beetles Jun 28, 15 5:30 PM

It’s peak bug time in the garden, and last summer seemed to be a perfect one for Japanese beetles. Unfortunately, that... more

Punch List: Ready, Set ... Finished! Jun 28, 15 5:14 PM

The carpets are spread, the curtains are hung, the furniture and paintings in place, the lighting levels set, the fixtures aimed,... more

Rose Society's Garden Tour Set For Saturday Jun 22, 15 10:30 AM

Peter Bertram plucked stakes from a pail to mark the types of blooms—David Austin, Queen Elizabeth, New Dawn, Sally Holmes... more

The Skinny On Slugs Jun 22, 15 10:19 AM

Up until early June we were dry, very dry, and for gardeners that’s not a good thing. Except that when it’s dry... more

The Pleasure Of Landscape Pleasures Jun 15, 15 12:03 PM

Like an old friend who comes to visit once a year, Landscape Pleasures, the Parrish Art Museum’s annual program on... more

'Barnscapes' Exhibit In East Hampton Jun 15, 15 11:48 AM

Before the days of privet hedges and specimen trees, much of the terrain in East Hampton was extremely flat, allowing extended... more

ARF Garden Tour Focuses On Southampton This Year Jun 15, 15 10:42 AM

Southampton Village was bustling on Friday with its stores and schools and real estate offices, its workers and traffic and visitors.

But... more

Southampton Rose Show This Weekend Jun 15, 15 10:42 AM

Don’t spray! One point is deducted for each rose spotted by a water drop!

Contestants start out with 100 points... more

Hampton Gardener: June Ramble Jun 14, 15 10:19 AM

It’s mid-June, and like many of you I spend my weekends gardening. Like many of you I do the two-hour drive on Fridays,... more

Doors: Coming Out Of Their Shell Jun 14, 15 10:12 AM

The French farces of Feydeau depended on the slamming of multiple doors to punctuate outrageous behavior and ignite thunderous... more

Rhodies And Azaleas: When Things Go Wrong Jun 7, 15 2:23 PM

Rhododendrons and azaleas are an important part of many of our landscapes at this time of the year. In some cases... more

Russian-Bear Winters And Dead-Bee Springs Jun 7, 15 1:45 PM

Last winter was a bear. A hulking, lumbering, Russian snow bear. It was freezing cold from early January through... more
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