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Out Of The Question Revived To Promote Provocative Conversation Apr 25, 17 10:22 AM

Try to recall, if you will, an animated and thought-provoking dialogue in which none of the participants resorted to name calling,... more

'Citizen Jane' At The Parrish Shows How Jane Jacobs Changed Views On Planning, Urbanism Apr 24, 17 12:48 PM

Many architects, planners and urbanists look at Jane Jacobs, the writer, citizen activist and creative thinker, as part of the... more

Why We Love Delft Apr 24, 17 12:34 PM

Every 10 years in the shelter magazine world there seems to be an unabashed groundswell of enthusiasm over blue-and-white... more

The Birds Are Chirping, The Dog Is Yelping—Must Be Spring Apr 24, 17 12:26 PM

What says “Spring is here!” to you? The first snowdrops poking up through the last remnants of snow? The first... more

One Gardener's Flower Is Another Gardener's Weed Apr 24, 17 10:45 AM

On a cool and refreshing spring morning, a homeowner walks out to his pristine bluegrass lawn and marvels at the light covering... more

Kinky In The Garden? It's Hoses Apr 20, 17 1:12 PM

Hoses are one of those garden tools that you pretty much take for granted—until there’s a drought (like last... more

One Kings Lane To Open In Former Rogers Memorial Library Building In Southampton Apr 19, 17 5:16 PM

An online luxury furniture retailer will open its first physical storefront at the old Rogers Memorial Library building on Jobs... more

Lynch's Garden Center To Change Name By End Of 2017 Apr 18, 17 6:01 PM

Ever since taking over the shop in early 2015, the new owners of Lynch’s Garden Center in Southampton Village have... more

Improving Upon A Quonset Hut Apr 14, 17 2:50 PM

Grove Press publisher and East Hampton resident Barney Rosset once said that selling his house at the juncture of Georgica Road... more

Architecture And Art Museums Intersect At The Parrish Apr 12, 17 6:06 PM

The first talk in a new series at the Parrish Art Museum in Water Mill titled “Inter-Sections: The Architect in Conversation”... more

Feed Me! The Fertilizer Plants Need, Or Don't Need Apr 12, 17 5:39 PM

Why do plants need fertilizer? The simple answer is, they don’t. Left to the natural cycle of life, Mother Nature provides... more

In the Hamptons, The Tiny House Movement Finds Advocates Among Huge Mansions Apr 3, 17 1:51 PM

It’s been called the “tiny movement”—a sustainable architectural and social living trend toward downsizing.... more

At The 2017 Architectural Digest Design Show Apr 3, 17 12:02 PM

If you have a low attention span and a preference for rapid changes of scenery, the Architectural Digest Design Show is the perfect... more

Horticultural Alliance Of The Hamptons Presents Larry Weaner Lecture On April 9 About Lawn Alternatives Apr 3, 17 10:47 AM

Landscape designer Larry Weaner will speak about lawn alternatives during the Horticultural Alliance of the Hamptons monthly lecture... more

April Showers Mean June Slugs Apr 1, 17 5:30 PM

Well, March came in like a cold, wet duck. It looks like April also will be on the cool and wet side, and that will be a nice change... more
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