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Mar 1, 2017 10:36 AMPublication: The Southampton Press

Southampton Town Moves Forward With Pedestrian Safety Project In Bridgehampton Amid Push From State Official

 State Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele Jr. gave an update on the crosswalk project to the Bridgehampton Citizen Advisory Committee on Monday. JEN NEWMAN
Mar 1, 2017 10:36 AM

As State Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele Jr. continues to pressure Southampton Town to submit preliminary applications for state funding to improve pedestrian safety in Bridgehampton, the town has scheduled a public meeting to move the project forward.

The assemblyman talked about the issue at a Bridgehampton Citizen Advisory Committee meeting on Monday, where he reiterated his concern that town officials have not yet submitted any paperwork for a preliminary application for the $700,000 in state funds that he and State Senator Kenneth P. LaValle obtained for the town last summer.

“I don’t know who was in charge of doing these grants in the town,” Mr. Thiele said. “I suspect it was the same person who was in charge of the envelopes last night at the Oscars—but it didn’t get done.”

According to Deputy Town Supervisor Frank Zappone, the town’s Department of Municipal Works is expected to recommend a traffic engineer to the Town Board who would complete a study of vehicle and pedestrian traffic on all streets in the hamlet, at the board’s March 2 work session at 10 a.m. in Town Hall.

Mr. Zappone noted that the town put out bids for the engineer two months ago and kept a 30-day window open for responses to be submitted. Then, he said, the department went through and analyzed the four or five proposals submitted to bring their recommendations to the board. A detailed plan which would be completed after the study, he said, is necessary to submit the paperwork for funding.

“The problem is easy to identify,” Mr. Zappone said regarding concern over pedestrian safety in the hamlet. “How to fix the problem—not so much.”

After a traffic engineer is selected, Mr. Zappone said he will expect the traffic analysis to take six to eight weeks although he declined to give an expected time frame for when work would begin.

Increased efforts to protect the safety of pedestrians in Bridgehampton have been advocated since 81-year-old Anna Pump, the founder of Loaves & Fishes, was struck and killed by a vehicle in the crosswalk near the Bridgehampton Post Office in October 2015.

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Another reason to question Jay's adventures with the golf club and Tuckahoe Rd...Priorities, priorities,priorities.
By Toma Noku (616), Southampton on Mar 1, 17 11:18 AM
How about sidewalks and bus shelters? The bus stop at the merge of 27 and Sunrise is a tragedy waiting to happen.
By johnj (1019), Westhampton on Mar 1, 17 11:45 AM
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Put jay's pic up and it will go faster...
By knitter (1893), Southampton on Mar 1, 17 12:16 PM
No amount of funding will protect people, like Anna Pump (RIP), from getting hit in crosswalks. It is the drivers responsibility to anticipate people crossing and be extra vigilant around crosswalks. Situational awareness will help avoid these tragic events. Unfortunately too many people don't respect what a couple of tons of automobile can do to flesh and bone. Pay attention, put down the phone and exercise caution. It is also important for pedestrians to be mindful and only use crosswalks ...more
By dnice (2346), Hampton Bays on Mar 1, 17 1:07 PM
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Pitiful bureaucratic nightmare. Yes drivers & pedestrians need to be vigilant but lighted crosswalks would help both. Why not at least use the $$ by adding safety component to the crosswalk in BH where an actual death occurred - and it was 2 years ago‼‼ Not only pitiful but dangerous negligence of responsibility.
By sharon tompkins (5), east hampton on Mar 2, 17 11:21 AM
The same people at the Town that have not put this proposal together are probably the same people that messed up the funding for Good Ground Park. How much has that place really cost and where are the comfort stations? What about the fabulous pedestrian walkway that was supposed to be across from the HBFD? Can't wait to see what happens this summer when the first person gets hit by a car on Squiretown Road - hope the Town has their liability insurance paid up.
By HB Proud (889), Hampton Bays on Mar 6, 17 12:12 PM
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