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Nov 30, 2016 4:29 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Hamptons Summer Colony Well Represented In Trump Cabinet

Dec 6, 2016 5:54 PM

Although President-elect Donald Trump did not tap the Hamptons summer set to fill his campaign coffers quite as much as other past presidential candidates have, he has turned to it with gusto to fill cabinet posts now that he is set to take office.

The president-elect won the election championing the decline of working-class America but has mostly turned to well-heeled businessmen with roots in big business to fill his cabinet posts. As might be expected, the Hamptons’ posh summer colony is well represented, with three major appointments.

Kathleen McFarland, Wilbur Ross and Steven Mnuchin, all Southampton homeowners, are all in line to assume top White House roles when Mr. Trump’s administration takes over in January.

Mr. Ross was announced on Wednesday, November 30, as Mr. Trump’s pick to be the next U.S. Secretary of Commerce. The billionaire investor, who has made most of his fortune investing in the sort of industrial companies that Mr. Trump pledged on the campaign trail to revitalize, hosted one of just two relatively small-scale fundraisers held locally for Mr. Trump during last summer’s campaign at his home on Ox Pasture Lane.

Mr. Mnuchin is an investment banker and film producer and was announced on Wednesday to be Mr. Trump’s pick for U.S. Treasury Secretary. He was a longtime partner at the investment bank Goldman Sachs before founding Dune Entertainment, a film production company that has played a roll in the production of numerous successful movies like “The Devil Wears Prada” and “Marley & Me.”

During the presidential campaign Mr. Mnuchin, whose wife Heather’s family have been summer residents in Southampton for many decades, served as Mr. Trump’s campaign finance chairman.

Unlike Mr. Ross and Mr. Mnuchin, Ms. McFarland has been in the government and political world for some time.

Ms. McFarland, who goes by K.T. publicly, ran unsuccessfully for one of the New York seats on the U.S. Senate against then Senator Hillary Clinton in 2006.

A graduate of Oxford and George Washington University and a former doctoral student at M.I.T., Ms. McFarland was principal Assistant Secretary of Defense during the Reagan administration and served as a national security analyst for FOXNews in recent years.

Her husband, Alan, an investment banker, is a member of the Southampton Village Planning Board, the president of the St. Andrew’s Dune Church board of trustees and a longtime member of the governing board of the Meadow Club.

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Hopefully that will put a damper on the helicopter traffic...
By Toma Noku (616), Southampton on Nov 30, 16 8:34 PM
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By foodwhiner (148), Southampton on Dec 2, 16 8:53 AM
Goldman Sachs is well represented too in Trump's cabinet.
By C Law (350), Water Mill on Nov 30, 16 9:30 PM
Glad to see Trump "draining the swamp" and choosing billionaires.
By BaymenNYC (59), Manhattan on Nov 30, 16 9:35 PM
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In fairness, Georgica Pond more closely resembles a swamp these days.
By johnj (1019), Westhampton on Dec 1, 16 8:51 AM
Makes Stevens mechanical shark seem more scary...
By joe hampton (3429), Hamptons on Dec 6, 16 12:57 AM
Successful businessmen as Secretaries of Commerce and Finance makes perfect sense. Well done!
By bigfresh (4594), north sea on Dec 1, 16 6:12 AM
Donald Trump Voter Lost Her Home, Now Regrets Vote

A ninety year old woman lost her home over a 27 cent mistake and was foreclosed on by Steve Mnuchin/IndyMac. Lies, lies, and more lies...
Dec 4, 16 2:30 PM appended by Mr. Z
Teena Colebrook tells Chris Hayes that she feels betrayed by Trump and makes an impassioned plea for the President-elect to keep his campaign promises.
By Mr. Z (11693), North Sea on Dec 4, 16 2:30 PM
I know Trump said we'd get tired of winning by the time this is all done, but I just don't see that happening
By SlimeAlive (1181), Southampton on Dec 1, 16 6:35 AM
Maybe they will summer somewhere else. Tired of secret service tying up Southampton...
By knitter (1906), Southampton on Dec 1, 16 8:25 AM
Steven Mnuchin made billions by buying failing S&L IndyMac and proceeding to foreclose on tens of thousands of homeowners during the housing crisis, against the recommendations of financial experts that advised renegotiation.

KT McFarland outed her brother who she had shunned because he was dying of AIDS.

Wilbur Ross made his fortune by buying bankrupt businesses and turning them around by slashing jobs and pensions, aka Gordon Gekko.

Seems to me like the swamp is dirtier ...more
By eagleeye (81), Sag Harbor on Dec 1, 16 9:15 AM
Yup, the swamp is indeed getting dirtier than ever.

You Trumpateer cheerleaders might want to take a break and catch your breath. You have been suckered in by a Trojan Horse con man. Surprising you are not embarrassed yet. Maybe after you take a few deep breaths, and a close look at the team ACTUALLY being formed (vs. the promises made), you will wake up?

The cabinet being assembled is "Pay to Play" and "Big Money" deja vu all over again, but you don't seem to get it.

Yet ...more
By PBR (4952), Southampton on Dec 1, 16 9:52 AM
More than 140 members of the Reagan administration were investigated, indicted, or convicted of a crime or felony.

Maybe Trump could break the record...
By Mr. Z (11693), North Sea on Dec 1, 16 8:15 PM
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looks like the Araskog's may get their way after all...
By adkvkdiesldkrive (9), southampton on Dec 1, 16 10:38 AM
How so?
By bigfresh (4594), north sea on Dec 1, 16 4:06 PM
1 member liked this comment
Wait til the cabinet tries to get the keys to the heliport parking and picnic beach.
By foodwhiner (148), Southampton on Dec 2, 16 8:51 AM
"Millions of Americans have just been sucker-punched. They just don’t know it yet."

~ Paul Krugman
By Mr. Z (11693), North Sea on Dec 2, 16 11:16 PM
4 members liked this comment
They own the helipad now, us locals don't use it.
By knitter (1906), Southampton on Dec 3, 16 12:36 PM
Jamie Dimon as ecomomic advisor?
Sarah Palin of all people warns of Crony Capitalism?

You cannot make this stuff up!

What else is the Trojan Horse going to vomit out onto the hoodwinked Trumpateers?

"Pay to Play" and "Big Money Crony Capitalism" are just the tip of the iceberg IMO.

You think China is not going to go for payback on Trump's private call to Taiwan?

What move will Putin make within hours of Trump being sworn in?

Fasten ...more
By PBR (4952), Southampton on Dec 3, 16 2:10 PM
4 members liked this comment
Pretty pitiful that the left is willing to let China dictate who the President Elect may speak to! The pussification of America stops now!
By bigfresh (4594), north sea on Dec 3, 16 8:56 PM
3 members liked this comment
So, let's get this cleared up. It's OK for a Republican to consort with communists, do business in Cuba during the embargo, and flirt with the former Soviet Union.

Got it.
By Mr. Z (11693), North Sea on Dec 5, 16 7:26 PM
1 member liked this comment
Hey, Big Fresh, you speak like a man with very Low T.
By June Bug (2605), SOUTHAMPTON on Dec 5, 16 8:07 PM
‘He got up there and lied his a– off': Carrier union leader on Trump’s big deal

The Washington Post
Danielle Paquette
1 hr ago
By Mr. Z (11693), North Sea on Dec 6, 16 8:07 PM
Hold your breath and stamp your feet all you want.....You lost...Suck it up buttercup

By faceless2 (4), southampton on Dec 9, 16 4:18 PM
Z give it a rest.
By razza5350 (1911), East Hampton on Dec 8, 16 10:52 AM
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Fossil fuels = Permian Triassic extinction

Good luck folks!!!!!
By Mr. Z (11693), North Sea on Dec 9, 16 10:47 PM
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Perm is the name of Russian city near a Yellowstone-sized volcano that went off a the end of the Permian Period. Anyway, Trump is a disgrace
By deKooning (106), southampton on Dec 16, 16 11:41 AM
Give it a year then post your comments. No one knows what will happen yet.
By yogi1 (14), on Dec 8, 16 3:07 PM
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first things first..... When the majority of the public watches only one news company, even though they watch it thru the many channels it controls, well then this is what you (we all) get The Trojan Horse aka Donald J. Trump.
By summertimegal (93), southampton on Dec 12, 16 9:35 AM
I feel much better seeing our President-elect seeking the council of future President-elect Kanye West.
By country joe (60), sag harbor on Dec 14, 16 2:58 PM
Maybe Kanye was in rehab at Trump Plaza, really needs it. Family discounts???
By knitter (1906), Southampton on Dec 14, 16 4:16 PM
Ha. Discussion this morning on Morning Joe with Trump supporter, adviser and confidant, Blowhard Scarborough, asserting that General Flynn and KT McFarland are the weakest and most problematic of Trump's appointees.
By June Bug (2605), SOUTHAMPTON on Dec 15, 16 9:41 AM
LOCK HIM UP!!! Lyin' Donald.
By johnj (1019), Westhampton on Dec 15, 16 12:07 PM
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