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Jun 9, 2017 4:50 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Toxic Algae Bloom Detected In Georgica Pond In East Hampton

Jun 9, 2017 5:32 PM

The Suffolk County Health Department has issued a warning to residents against coming in contact with the waters of Georgica Pond after toxic algae blooms were detected in the pond this week.

The county issued a warning on Friday afternoon saying that biologists from Stony Brook University had identified the presence of cynobacteria, a type of blue green algae that naturally produces toxins, that can cause illness if ingested and has been known to be fatal to animals.

The county warning advised residents against swimming or wading in the pond, especially in areas where the water is scummy or discolored, and to seek medical attention if you suffer nausea, vomiting or diarrhea, skin, eye or throat irritation, or allergic reactions or breathing difficulties after being on the pond.

Blue green algae blooms have appeared in Georgica Pond for several years, but this year's is the earliest that the blooms have been detected in the pond. Typically the algae blooms don't appear until later in the year, with warmer water temperatures, but heavy rainfall can also spark the blooms.

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Where can we get more pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and nitrogen?

Things aren't bad enough today.

There must be additional stupid things we can do to our environment to make things worse....

Aren't there some paid consultants that could make a case for more crap in our waters?
By FiddlerCrab (90), Westhampton Beach on Jun 9, 17 10:24 PM
Take a ride around the pond and look at all the nice GREEN lawns down to the water.
By knitter (1251), Southampton on Jun 10, 17 3:54 PM
Is phosphorus fertilizer application allowed for bare spots without soil testing?

The law allows phosphorus fertilizer to be applied to bare spots to establish turf without soil testing. However, given the myriad of other reasons that bare spots can form, soil testing is recommended to determine the soil nutrient needs for the bare spots. Such applications would be in accordance with the law if the area had not already been treated with phosphorus fertilizer and provided the phosphorus ...more
By davidf (325), hampton bays on Jun 15, 17 5:26 PM
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