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Oct 31, 2014 5:37 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Bloomberg Pledges $1 Million To East End Water Quality Research

Nov 5, 2014 10:13 AM

Two charity organizations founded by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg have pledged $1 million in cash, as well as logistical and planning support, toward the creation of the New York State Center for Clean Water Technology, the newly announced septics technology development hub to be created by Stony Brook University and officials from the state and Southampton Town.

The money will come from Bloomberg Philanthropies, the charity fund set up by Mr. Bloomberg to bolster a wide variety of social and scientific initiatives.

Along with the dollars and cents will come practical assistance from sister organization Bloomberg Associates, a consultancy group that Mr. Bloomberg created after leaving the mayor’s office to provide planning, strategic and logistical support to large municipalities for a broad range of infrastructure, public health, education, arts and civic projects.

On Friday, Town Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst said that when she presented the idea of the center to Mr. Bloomberg’s group, the former mayor himself called to say that his support machine would be in on the ground floor.

“We sent him the proposal when we found out the governor was giving us the green light,” Ms. Throne-Holst said this week. “[Mr. Bloomberg] called us up and said, ‘This is just the kind of project that we are looking for.’ He said we’re in for $1 million and … whatever kind of technical support you need.”

Earlier this week, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s office announced that the 2015 state budget would include some $2 million in seed money for the center, which will be developed in partnership with the State Department of Environmental Conservation, Stony Brook University and Southampton Town.

The vision for the center—which Ms. Throne-Holst has credited her deputy chief of staff, Jennifer Garvey, for having conceived—is for the university’s engineering and science schools to lead a research effort endeavoring to develop new technology in septic treatment that will drastically lower the cost and effectiveness of septic systems when it comes to removing nitrogen from human waste, with an eye toward the East End becoming the hub for private-sector manufacturing of the new systems.

The concept development team for the center will hold its first official planning meeting next week and will be presenting a calendar of specific timelines for ramping up the center’s early efforts.

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No more super sized water bottles
By CaptainSig (712), Dutch Harbor on Oct 31, 14 6:18 PM
1 member liked this comment
what an incredibly generous gift -thank you, mr.bloomberg
By wmdwjr (76), east hampton on Oct 31, 14 10:13 PM
1 member liked this comment
Thank you Mr. Bloomberg!!!!
By Summer Resident (242), Southampton N.Y. on Nov 1, 14 2:14 AM
1 member liked this comment
Thanks Mike but what you don't realize you are part of the problem. The chemicals from your private little golf course run down Barkers Island right into the bay.
By GoldenBoy (342), EastEnd on Nov 1, 14 7:39 AM
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What is the cost to the working mans family for the upgrade to existing systems?
Dismantlement of existing systems? Upgrade to Suffolk county standards? Cost of removal of surrounding soil as hazardous waste? New set of town inspectors?
By cottagekeeper (7), Hampton Bays on Nov 1, 14 2:47 PM
Generous gift. Those against it really shouldn't post anymore, because your opinion has reached new heights of no sense and just pure hatred based on your own bigotry and bias.
By Mets fan (1466), Southampton on Nov 1, 14 3:49 PM
Typical Mf that your opinion is the only one that matters and all others should be silenced.
By dnice (2345), Hampton Bays on Nov 2, 14 6:21 AM
So your opinion dnice is that this is a bad thing and we shouldn't accept the money? If this isn't your opinion what is? Only right-wingers can find something wrong in a one million gift. Very warped people.
By Mets fan (1466), Southampton on Nov 2, 14 7:30 AM
Hate to tell you Phil, but I don't need it. I earned my own money.

Mf, I'm not sure if the money should be accepted. I don't know enough about the particulars but I don't come on this site and tell people to stop posting because they have different views. Only arrogant people who think they are smarter and know better do that.
By dnice (2345), Hampton Bays on Nov 2, 14 3:07 PM
I'm smarter than you, what particulars do you need, accept the generous gift and say thank you, what more do you need to know. Only an idiot turns down a million dollars from a billionaire.
By Mets fan (1466), Southampton on Nov 2, 14 4:27 PM
Mf, "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts".
By dnice (2345), Hampton Bays on Nov 2, 14 7:45 PM
1 member liked this comment
Throughout history, philanthropy has been used to justify a great deal of wrong.
By Mr. Z (11490), North Sea on Nov 2, 14 8:00 PM
This isn't one of them Z. Bloomberg has done a great deal of good.
By Mets fan (1466), Southampton on Nov 3, 14 4:51 AM
Why, because he's a democrat. I thought all democrats were free-stuffers according to you.
By Mets fan (1466), Southampton on Nov 3, 14 4:53 AM
MF, Bloomberg is an arrogant, meddlesome billionaire who thinks he knows what is best for everyone and isn't afraid to throw around his money to get what he wants. Only fools can be bought.
By dnice (2345), Hampton Bays on Nov 4, 14 8:06 PM
His name is Bloomberg, not Bloomotopolus. Are you sure he's Greek?
By PQ1 (167), hampton bays on Nov 7, 14 7:24 AM
One million for clear water technology. Where do you come up with this stuff, that we're being bought. Why do I respond to your stupidity. Have a nice day.
By Mets fan (1466), Southampton on Nov 7, 14 6:32 PM
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If more of the wealthy would donate here in USA instead of other countries a lot of our problems would be solved.
By North Sea Citizen (555), North Sea on Nov 1, 14 3:57 PM
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Amazing. Someone donates $1.0 million to improve our water supply and he is trashed as being an evil-doer. So sad
By citykid (11), east quogue on Nov 1, 14 5:19 PM
Amazing. Someone donates $1.0 million to improve our water supply and he is trashed as being an evil-doer. So sad
By citykid (11), east quogue on Nov 1, 14 5:20 PM
Jen Garvey is a genuine asset to the Town.
By PQ1 (167), hampton bays on Nov 6, 14 4:00 PM
The Hampton Classic, Horse Show, Bridgehampton