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Jan 30, 2013 10:50 AMPublication: The Southampton Press

Casino Development Company Cuts Off Payments To Shinnecock Tribe

Jan 30, 2013 1:32 PM

With the contract approaching a critical, and final, negotiation point last summer, Mr. Gumbs claims, Mr. King and a group of tribal members loyal to Mr. Bess crafted charges of official impropriety against the four men and drove the campaign that led to the votes to remove them from office.

Mr. King has repeatedly refused to speak with The Press about any of events that have transpired since last July. Other tribal officials, including members of the panel of former Tribal Trustees who drafted the charges against the four officials, have said that the men had improperly concealed negotiations with a private investment firm and plans for a tribal purchase of thousands of acres of land on Long Island, including the Nassau Coliseum. The men have said the negotiations were in their infancy and were handled like all other such tribal efforts in recent years.

Among the questions raised about the contracts signed in the late winter of 2012 by Mr. King were clauses that discreetly gave Gateway a stranglehold on all tribal land acquisitions.

According to a source within the tribe, a clause in the contract between the tribe and Gateway would allow the company to end its relationship with the tribe entirely at any time after November 1, 2012, coinciding with when the payments to the tribe were halted.

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I'm not really sure how a casino in Nassau County with money from a hedge fund helps the Shinnecocks. It is becoming a money grap where a few Shinnecocks will do well and the rest of the nation will continue to fall into poverty. The Shinnecocks are for the most part good, honest people it's a shame big money is trying to take advantage of them.
By chief1 (2789), southampton on Jan 30, 13 5:30 PM
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The 5 "Black Ops" individuals were overwhelmingly removed twice by 85% and then by 95% of the voting members of the Nation!
By Warrior woman (5), Southampton on Jan 30, 13 11:15 PM
The voting membership is the ultimate governing authority of the Nation! The BIA and the media must respect the Nation's own resolution of a dispute which was done in a valid tribal forum. It is ironic that Lance Gumbs who was a strong proponent of Shinnecock sovereignty is now expecting "Big Bro" to interfere with the internal governance of the Nation. It is our prayer that he will self regulate and come back to his senses. THE HAND OF THE LORD BE UPON HIM.
By Warrior woman (5), Southampton on Jan 30, 13 11:53 PM
The Shinnecock people would not be in the state of affairs they are in now if they had more trust and faith in each other as they do for their developer. No need for the "white Man' to bring them down when they can do it on their own.
I'm sure the ancestors are real proud! Sad Sad Sad..........
By NativeWoman (18), southampton on Jan 31, 13 2:42 PM
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The White Man????? The one that gives the native Americans free school, free college, welfare and retirement when they need it? How about the use of our roads? How about I work 70 hrs a week to pay my bills and some of my taxes go to the reservation? I'm tired of hearing about how native Americans were mistreated 200 years ago long before you and I were even a thought. The so called white people I know like to help native Americans and are very respectful to your culture. Not to mention us white ...more
By chief1 (2789), southampton on Jan 31, 13 10:41 PM
Genocide, slavery, and first real documented use of biological warfare is FAR more than "mistreatment". Such a statement is shining proof you have no real knowledge of your country's history. These were people who welcomed strangers, presented gifts, and "Indian" culture respected their women. The only thing superior about the "white man's culture" was firearms and swords. I learned that in 8th grade.

They were here before any settler, or local born on Long Island soil. They are a ...more
By Mr. Z (11679), North Sea on Feb 1, 13 7:31 AM
Please step off your moral politically high horse. As usual you have no idea what anyone is talking about due to your pea sized brain. The bottom line of what I said was the Southampton community has always been supportive of the Shinnecocks. I just don't like the term White man as a derogatory phrase. No one is questioning the bad treatment some Native Americans received. I find offense in being White and being lumped into a group that did something decades ago or even centuries ago. If I lumped ...more
By chief1 (2789), southampton on Feb 1, 13 9:53 AM
Funny, that's not how the post reads. As I stated, White man is in quotations for a reason. Historical connotation.

How do not misinterpreted that, I'm sure your post would have looked much different.

Thanks for the clarity...
Feb 2, 13 10:21 AM appended by Mr. Z
"Had you not". Dang speech to text. chief, you may want to note NativeWoman's reply. That is, if you comprehend the difference between the literal, and the figurative. In this case, a descript reference to an attitude of, or obsession toward hegemony.
By Mr. Z (11679), North Sea on Feb 1, 13 10:21 AM
I guess my post went well over your head! Of all the things I said which was a valid point, all you could see was the term "white Man" it was not used as a degoratory statement. Yes you do need to look into your history cause your statement of "FREE" anything is so off based. I could go on and on with you about how wrong and sterotypical your response to my post is but aguring with ignorance is a waste of intelligence. ;-)
By NativeWoman (18), southampton on Feb 1, 13 10:42 AM
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What she is saying is, they brought in an outsider and that outsider is making the problems of division that already existed within the nation worse. Yes you've lived there all of your life, but you have no idea what its like on the Rez. The tribe appreciates the public services provided. NativeWoman's statement is not a dig against White people or the Southamtpon Village Community. It's more a dig at the tribe and their dysfunction.
By pstevens (406), Wilmington on Feb 1, 13 11:40 AM
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If the truth is "moral high ground", let it reign.

If you are in agreement, let it roll.
By Mr. Z (11679), North Sea on Feb 1, 13 10:39 PM
I am curious ? This was recently posted by a different person.

Good evening Lance, You and I have casually meet several times I have meet Randy and some of the Bess family as well. I have been watching this all unfold. I believe you are all trying your best to manage a difficult situation.

I must ask, why would you want to develop a Casino so far from home. It seems to me I read somewhere in the federal regulations that they require you stay within 25 miles of the reservation. ...more
By 27dan (2817), Southampton on Jan 31, 13 3:27 PM
Shinnecock has handled the difficult situation! Let me reiterate for you; the "puppet sachems" set up by outside entities who thought they could capitalize on our sovereignty and tax exempt status have been REMOVED! PERIOD!!! Shinnecock collectively determines the use of our land! Our land means more to us than you could ever conceive! We will not pimp her to the highest bidder! So Fall back!
By Warrior woman (5), Southampton on Feb 1, 13 3:15 AM
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What is really sad is how some tribal members feel that the majority of us has been manipulated by the developer when in actuality the 5 "Black Op Puppet sachems" who got paid up front are the ones being manipulated! They got in bed with wrong people and thought they would high jack the Nation to pay off their debt! Our ancestors are Real Proud that we continue to be good stewards of all the Creator has blessed us with and guess what? He will never allow us to be deceived! We are.who we WERE! Our ...more
By Warrior woman (5), Southampton on Feb 1, 13 3:39 AM
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This whole sad situation was started by the developer from the moment he paid someone to hack into a personal email account which was used as evidence against the 5 men, however there was and still no evidence of wrong doing or that any of the 5 actually received any money up front BECAUSE there was NO REAL deal made! It was an IDEA! Had the tribal members who have such hatred and vengettas against one of the 5 accused (Lance) not started a lynch mob on them and promoted lies, false accusations, ...more
By NativeWoman (18), southampton on Feb 1, 13 1:57 PM
What is a "sachem" ?
By CaptainSig (716), Dutch Harbor on Feb 1, 13 7:15 AM
I believe it means tribe leader Sig
By Nature (2966), Hampton Bays on Feb 1, 13 2:33 PM
“The earth is our mother. Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons and daughters of the earth. This we know. All things are connected like the blood which unites one family. All things are connected.

Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons and daughters of the earth. We did not weave the web of life, we are merely strands in it. Whatever we do to the web we do to ourselves.”

~ Chief Seattle
Feb 4, 13 5:57 PM appended by Mr. Z
“The earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth. All things are connected like the blood that unites us all. Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”
By Mr. Z (11679), North Sea on Feb 4, 13 5:57 PM
I would just like to say I wish this would get resolved being a friend of a lot of people on the RES kind of made me feel uncomfortable when I came to visit. People on the RES are so loving and kind and for there to be such a divide is not who the Shinnecocks are, Shinnecocks are a Nation of one please lets get back to being the Shinnecock Nation we know you are, 1 great Nation, Love all of you.
By MACDADDY (49), SOUTHAMPTON on Feb 1, 13 3:41 PM
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By Warrior woman (5), Southampton on Feb 2, 13 8:05 AM
95% of the Nation were not misled! The five were not authorized by the Nation to spend millions to pursue an IDEA! If no deal exist why respond to the Nation for your actions through the media rather face us? Why do they consistently keep trying to get into the Nation's bank accounts?Shinnecock entered in a contractual agreement with the developer we honor our commitment. it is not OK to take their money and crack another back door that the Nation has to repay,
By Warrior woman (5), Southampton on Feb 2, 13 8:05 AM
Just put it in Hampton bays already and stop the Drama. HB has been going down hill already you can see the dregs walking the streets any day you drive by, so don't tell me a Foxwoods type casino would bring down the character of the neighborhood if anything done right it will bring it up. Then you will have your increased tax base and can incorporate. Stop listening to the no more density in our Andy Griffith hamlet crowd. Those days are long gone. Now make some decisions to make HB Into a classy ...more
By 27dan (2817), Southampton on Feb 2, 13 1:13 PM
Thank you 27 Dan I have been saying this since day one, the Shinnicocks deserve a Casino Hotel Marina Complex and so does Hampton Bays and the useless incompetents who run the Town of Southampton Doesn't anyone realize the potential for an upscale resort hotel casino and marina? How about the on the grounds of the old Gruman Plant at Calverton? Even Riverhead is to stupid to capitalize on their property. Admiteditly such a project is a fight, but it is a fight worh fighting for.
By rrc1049 (63), Bridgehampton on Feb 3, 13 6:03 PM
You wanna see dregs... Yeah, put in a Casino. Don't forget Foxwoods is in the middle of the woods. You want to see what a Casino does to a small seaside town. You go drive down to Atlantic City... It was once very much like HB at one time.
By Soundview (89), Hampton bays on Feb 4, 13 3:08 PM
Its all about what you allow to go in around it if you keep in isolated with a police presence around it it will stay like Mohegan or Foxwoods if you allow the surrounding area to be zoned retail like AC you would be asking for trouble.sounds like it can't be worse than the Hidden Cove section 8 shelter raw deal that was snuck in in the middle of the night.
By Undocumented Democrat (2040), southampton on Feb 4, 13 3:30 PM
Respectfully UD, that's exactly my point... ACs Casinos have quite a Police presents. When you travel outside the safe zone is when the ugliness of a casino presents is felt. The fact is, most of the surrounding areas in AC are residential. When you mention retail zones. What about downtown HBs? What happens there?
Read some state reports regarding casinos effects on surrounding areas. It's never pretty.
By Soundview (89), Hampton bays on Feb 4, 13 4:41 PM
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By Warrior woman (5), Southampton on Feb 4, 13 9:59 PM
This whole thing would have been settled if the powers that be, the big powers that USED to come to Southampotn in the summer many years ago, were around today. They would have seen the type of people who beguiled the "--five" Those men lled the Shinnecock men astray and have made many problems for the Shinnecock Nation. This is such a shame for everyone.
No way in this time should there be a casino in the East End of LI. There is not enough room, not enough roads to bear the traffic that ...more
By summertime (589), summerfield fl on Feb 6, 13 5:43 PM