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Aug 26, 2016 4:30 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Southampton Town Supervisor Takes To Facebook In Affordable Housing Search

Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman takes to Facebook to search for affordable housing.   JEN NEWMAN
Aug 29, 2016 12:02 PM

The lack of affordable housing in Southampton Town is hitting close to home for Supervisor Jay Schneiderman.

On Friday, he posted on Facebook that he is looking for an apartment—one that is “affordable”—for a friend and her 3-year-old daughter.

And, thus far, he has not had much luck.

“She has a good job,” he said. “I have a lot of friends on Facebook, so I put it out there. So far it doesn’t look really good.”

The supervisor said he posted his online plea after being contacted by the woman, whom he declined to identify, and she shared that she is desperate to find affordable housing in the Hamptons. Noting that he has more than 3,400 Facebook friends, Mr. Schneiderman said he figured he’d ask around if anyone knew of any affordable apartments between Hampton Bays and Montauk.

As of late Friday afternoon, he said he’s received a few responses but that all were seeking higher rent prices than he had hoped for; one person wanted $2,600 a month for a three-bedroom apartment—above his friend’s price range.

“Your first knee-jerk reaction is to laugh—but it’s not funny,” Curtis Highsmith, executive director of the Southampton Housing Authority, said about the supervisor’s post. “There’s a huge shortage of affordable housing in the town. The issue is so serious that it’s not comical.”

Mr. Schneiderman is working on an initiative that would encourage homeowners, especially those who live east of the Shinnecock Canal, to offer accessory apartments as part of a greater effort to provide affordable housing in areas that mostly lack them. Currently, the law prohibits houses built on three-quarters of an acre or less from having accessory housing, like apartments. Qualified participants would be exempt from the law—if the Town Board ultimately approves the idea—so long as their homes sit on at least one-third of an acre.

The lack of affordable housing in the municipality is an issue that Mr. Highsmith, and members of the working class, are all too familiar.

“I think this entire town needs to start realizing they are the face of who we’re trying to represent,” Mr. Highsmith said. “‘Affordable housing’ has this negative connotation. It becomes a bad word—it’s not. It’s real people who need housing.

“They’re the face—I’m the face,” he continued. “My son—he’s the face. It really bothers me to see so many of my friends left because they just couldn’t afford it here. That’s resources leaving. That’s history leaving.”

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Severe lack of affordable housing! Kiss the youth goodbye after high school. No ability to stay with rising costs of living, taxes, housing prices and lack of year round careers. Besides beautiful beaches (that the mansion owners would like to take away from locals) can anyone say what the reasons to stay are anymore?
By Mouthampton (433), Southampton on Aug 26, 16 4:46 PM
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Carol Konner stepped up to the plate with her PDD plan but the powers that be (NIMBY) cac managed to kill that plan after Carol be bent over backwards to lessen density,etc. Thanks Carol for your attempts. Some of us LOCALS really appreciated your foresight into the housing problem and are behind you.
By xtiego (698), bridgehampton on Aug 26, 16 4:56 PM
^^^ agreed. The NIMBYism in this town is reprehensible. Kudos to Mrs. Konner for all she tried to be a part of.
By SqueakyWheel (28), Flanders, New York on Aug 26, 16 5:03 PM
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We are also losing our seniors who worked and raised families here, we need to also create housing for this population. They are our history.
By NancySchaefer-Huneken (2), on Aug 26, 16 5:24 PM
We are also losing our seniors who worked and raised families here, we need to also create housing for this population. They are our history.
By NancySchaefer-Huneken (2), on Aug 26, 16 5:24 PM
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I rent my little 2 BR cottage out in North Sea, for 1600.00 on 1/3 of an acre and the tenant still bitches.
By clamdigger (82), Quogue on Aug 26, 16 5:41 PM
We are also loosing future Volunteer Firefighters and EMTS !! Mouthampton stated "kiss the youth goodbye after high school" .... So who will be left to Volunteer ?

By toes in the water (881), southampton on Aug 26, 16 6:18 PM
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Actually, Hey Jay ! Maybe you could help me find an affordable rental too ! I was born an raised here an I'm being squeezed outta here!
By toes in the water (881), southampton on Aug 26, 16 6:21 PM
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perhaps Jay can put a small apartment in his new house to rent at an affordable price
By xtiego (698), bridgehampton on Aug 26, 16 6:51 PM
NOW its a problem when the Supervisor actually knows someone that is struggling here. This isn't new or uncommon.
By squeaky (291), hampton bays on Aug 26, 16 6:51 PM
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Carol Konner should develop her property as dictated by zoning not the CAC If i was the developer I would immediately put up signs "JIFFY LUBE COMING SOON" also "HOOTERS COMING SOON" "APPLEBEES COMING SOON" will look like toute 58 Thanks CAC and the wimps on the town board. God how I hate what this little village has become over the past 10 plus years. the CAC ought to be fighting to have the Commons as well as LIPA pay school taxes to BH since both are practically in the BH village especially ...more
By xtiego (698), bridgehampton on Aug 26, 16 7:00 PM
TSHA has a Chairperson who owes Southampton Village $48,000 in double dipped health benefits and our supervisor is campaigning on Facebook? I guess he is following the lead of Mr. Highsmith, who seems more effective at using social media to antagonize communities than at finding real solutions for sustainable, affordable, development. My suggestion to Jay is: try Linda Kabot, she seems to have a good inventory of affordable places in Eastport and other western hamlets. Of course, she actually knows ...more
By rburger (81), Remsenburg on Aug 26, 16 7:15 PM
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Instead the town board cow tows to the Rechlers for the new waterfront in Shinnecock Hills on the canal. Please explain why we need more expensive housing (waterfront no less) and less affordable housing? Every one who wants to put in affordable housing is shut down by the NIMBY groups who have obviously over paid for their little piece of heaven in the hamptons and haved (because they have all the free time retirees haved )tried to stop any afffordable housing throughout the town. What was that ...more
By xtiego (698), bridgehampton on Aug 26, 16 7:18 PM
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By xtiego (698), bridgehampton on Aug 26, 16 7:19 PM
We've overpaid for our "little piece of heaven in the Hamptons?" I'll keep that in mind when the next annual assessment comes around.
By rburger (81), Remsenburg on Aug 26, 16 7:34 PM
PS to the CAC the Jet traffic over BH village has been unbearable this summer. Have you people even discussed how this has affected the residents of the village? Of course not because it will be gone soon, or "their my friends"or whatever excuse you people have for not dealing with the this issue. You of \course have no power but certainly the town should reconsider your so called appointments to a committee that disregards BH village so well!!!!
By xtiego (698), bridgehampton on Aug 26, 16 7:34 PM
rburger as well you should
By xtiego (698), bridgehampton on Aug 26, 16 8:03 PM
Part of the problem:

Investors Move Next Door, Unsettling a Black Beachside Enclave

The New York Times
7 hrs ago

William Pickens III has spent most of his 80 summers in Sag Harbor Hills, a beach community of modest bungalows on the edge of the Hamptons. His grade-school principal built the house across the street; his family doctor lived two doors down. Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis were his house guests. Those were the people who came to Sag Harbor ...more
By Mr. Z (11551), North Sea on Aug 26, 16 8:33 PM
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what a bunch of bigots ! Free enterprise in a free ( so far) country!
By bigfresh (4542), north sea on Aug 28, 16 7:08 AM
The problem is simple... It is the NOT in my back yard mentality. My family has lived in Southampton Town since pre Revolutionary War and I just had to move out of Southampton. I worked all my life in Southampton Town and I can no longer reside there due to the fact of the lack of affordable housing. I could have afforded the senior housing on my disability income but do not qualify because I am raising a young grand child. SO yes I did give up and left my ancestors and the only place I have ever ...more
By DonnaMontez (1), on Aug 26, 16 10:08 PM
nothing ever gets fixed until is impacts a politician.
By SlimeAlive (1181), Southampton on Aug 27, 16 7:35 AM
That's why we need workforce housing at "The Castle" in Speonk. People don't like the idea now because their children are small, but wait untill they are out of school and looking for a place to live.
By tenn tom (250), remsenburg on Aug 27, 16 8:08 AM
That is so wrong.
By tenn tom (250), remsenburg on Aug 27, 16 8:48 AM
Let's stick to the fact:
Sandy Hollow nor Speonk are Section 8 Housing. The TSHA has developed, build, and sold 7 single family homes in Flanders, 3 in Southampton Village, 2 in East Quogue, and 1 in Hampton Bays all for first time affordable home ownership. It owns and operates an affordable senior complex, purchasing blight sites to develop for home ownership, and renovated a single family rental home. Now, the TSHA can potentially bring 78 units of affordable rental apartments into Southampton ...more
By CEHJR (34), Southampton on Aug 27, 16 10:00 AM
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Correction: The TSHA does not create "affordable housing", it creates "subsidized housing". It is only affordable for the few people who are given it, not for those who have to pay for it, i.e. the rest of us.
By bird (816), Sag Harbor on Aug 27, 16 10:52 AM
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Finally CEHJR the dead has arisen (inside joke)... I was wondering when you would start replying. Proud of your work my brother.
pw herman, unsubstantiated claims. Present the evidence and/or the real "blatant deceiver" will be uncovered.
By CommunityMinded (20), Southampton on Aug 27, 16 3:56 PM
Article title not documented, date not documented, and author of article not documented.
Facts: The approved Sandy Hollow income qualifications is between 60% Area Median Income (AMI) to 80% AMI. Section 8 income limits are below 50% AMI.
Now, that's not to say a person cannot apply how has a Section 8 Voucher, because by fair housing law all applications must be accepted and reviewed.
By CommunityMinded (20), Southampton on Aug 28, 16 9:53 AM
Let me slow things down for you, because you obviously did not read my comments. Section is BELOW 50% Median Income. Sandy Hollow is ABOVE 60% Median Income. Simple math tells you that the person receiving section 8 would not qualify. If the person on section wishes to apply anyway, the application has to be received, reviewed, and turned down. Secondly, you obviously didn't read the post from Oct 15 because it doesn't say a single word about Sandy Hollow being Section 8. Please stop posting ...more
By CommunityMinded (20), Southampton on Aug 28, 16 5:15 PM
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The goverment should never be in the housing business. Free enterprise has made this country what it is today. Subsidized housing has destroyed urban areas in this country. When somebody chips in for your bills you will never prosper. There is affordable housing 20 minutes away in Riverhead, and Hampton Bays no need to build somehing 90% of residents reject.
By chief1 (2768), southampton on Aug 27, 16 10:38 AM
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Seems to me unchecked, rampant capitalism caused them to interfere.

Your lot always seems to think you can have it both ways.
By Mr. Z (11551), North Sea on Aug 27, 16 6:59 PM
Be aware , there is a agenda here...
By knitter (1855), Southampton on Aug 27, 16 11:49 AM
Sorry Bird... Please support your response. How are you paying for any Affordable units built to date? The Town of Southampton has funded no development or project, and has not been asked to fund any proposed development. Each home was built from private funding that the TSHA (who is not a department of the Town of Southampton) received on its own. Homeowners pay taxes on each parcel. The subsidy you speak of is the equity not realized because the homes are sold below market value or grants ...more
By CEHJR (34), Southampton on Aug 27, 16 12:15 PM
...grants received by the county for first time homebuyers...

And that is just to start.
I'll get you a long list when I have more time
By bird (816), Sag Harbor on Aug 30, 16 10:28 PM
What about all those group rentals that were outlawed in Hampton Bays? You remember the one's where a bunch of guys or girls or both rented a house for a few months in the summer and spent money all over town? They were at the beaches by day and the restaurants, bars and clubs by night and stores all week long and when Labor Day came around they went back to school or back to wok and local merchants counted the money they left behind.

Well the town chose to close down the beach clubs ...more
By VOS (1224), WHB on Aug 27, 16 2:27 PM
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The govt. shut down the bars and clubs because the homeowners in this town complained so much. Look who lives here now. People who partied out here when they were young, but now want peace and quiet and no young folks.
By tenn tom (250), remsenburg on Aug 27, 16 6:05 PM
A handful of people complained, thousands chose to live and let live but the town chose not to target the offenders but to use a broad brush effort. And there are no generations left who partied out here and are moving to the area and the downward cycle continues.
By VOS (1224), WHB on Aug 29, 16 12:50 AM
This comment has been removed because it is a duplicate, off-topic or contains inappropriate content.
By Undocumented Democrat (2005), southampton on Aug 27, 16 10:06 PM
The truth is prior town boards failed to enforce rules and fines on developers who were supposed to build 10% affordable on developments of 5+ homes. Sadly, the town never established a plan for affordable housing, and this board inherited a crisis. The fastest solution is to down-zone parcels, max out density per acre and build apartment complexes. This approach creates sudden and severe impact wherever it is applied. More, it is completely out of character with the beauty and charm of the hamlets ...more
By Craigcat (255), Speonk on Aug 28, 16 9:28 AM
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The issue is not enforcement, the issue is that there is a provision in the 10% affordable requirement that allows developers an exemption from the rule by simply reducing the number of units. Therefore, its obvious for a developer to ask for the max, and budget the appropriate reduction in their proposal in order to not require building affordable units or payment in lieu.
Second, all the examples for alternatives lack a very important tool. How is it funded and keeping it affordable while ...more
By CEHJR (34), Southampton on Aug 28, 16 10:23 AM
We shall see, CH, Jr. My community has a town board and will communicate our concerns and wishes directly to them. TSHA is tasked with managing Section 8 vouchers for SH town. Beyond that TSHA is owed nothing by the town, nor does it answer to the community. End result is there are no reasons to engage TSHA, who's exec director is listed as co-developer on the 41 NP app, in conversation until TSHA is willing to back off this density adding monster that is 51 units and 67 bedrooms on a little over ...more
By Craigcat (255), Speonk on Aug 29, 16 9:25 AM
How about making the Planning process easier and less costly. If a builder wants to put 10 houses up that could be "affordable" he has to jump through hoops and it takes 5 years paying taxes and governmental fees like SWPPS. He will have 20,000 dollars invested for each house before a shovel goes in the ground.
By The Real World (368), southampton on Aug 28, 16 9:31 AM
The affordable housing is a bunch of crap and a handout. Why do we have Hispanics living here for 5 or 10 years and owning their own homes? Some buy multible homes! It's called hard work , and if you can't afford an area what makes you think you are entitled to live somewhere you cant afford? By the way what backround does Mr Highsmith, and Ms Cannon have? Why was Ms Cannon alledgedly collecting medical illegally from Southampton Village and now employed by another municipality? Why is it always ...more
By chief1 (2768), southampton on Aug 28, 16 12:07 PM
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Are you serious? Hispanics are living here and owning their own houses because they buy them! Do you really suggest they should be denied home ownership because of their ethnicity? That is the definition of bigotry - in neon lights!
By VOS (1224), WHB on Aug 30, 16 2:09 AM
Chief1... Curtis background in Mortgage and finance. 10 years chair of the ARB for Southampton Village. Prior commissioner of the TSHA. Ordained Deacon and man of God in the Baptist Faith. Last two years working on a masters in community develepment and Non-profit leaderships.
Bonnie, commissioner of the Housing Authority since its creation. Former trustee for the village of Southampton. As for the medical benefits, village administrative oversight.
Both community advocacies are ...more
By CEHJR (34), Southampton on Aug 28, 16 12:29 PM
The problem is simple. Landlords make more $ by overcrowding their rentals with multiple families and sub letters.The house next door 900sq ft in HB10 people $3000
Next to that was a house with 20+ people they were collecting $10,000.
There is no enforcement so there is no incentive to rent to young couples, families, seniors.
Enforce the codes,( no multiple families in single family homes, excessive parking, etc) try it for one year I dare you! I'll bet you'll find a rental for your ...more
By jams (128), hampton bays on Aug 28, 16 2:59 PM
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If you want to afford rents in Southampton, do as the illegals do; get together about 20 unrelated people and turn the basement and attic into apartments.
By Babyboo (292), Hampton Bays on Aug 28, 16 5:55 PM
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Hey Jay, you're building a house, rent her out the basement. Has a good job, good references.
By knitter (1855), Southampton on Aug 28, 16 6:08 PM
FNMA Home Ready helps finance low to moderate income level homeowners by using rental income from accessory apartments to assist in qualifying for a mortgage. It's a 2 for 1 approach to affordable housing, with the bonus of having an ownership model included. It speaks directly to Jay Schneiderman's accessory apartment approach, and could be a great way of keeping our young people and seniors here.
Explore solutions.
By Craigcat (255), Speonk on Aug 29, 16 9:36 AM
I am familiar with the program. Homeowners under 80% AMI, or communities located within a documented low to moderate census tract. Mostly for purchase of a owner occupied home with assessor apartment. Does allow limited cash out on refinance, but requires to be the subordinate lien. 75-85% Loan to Value on refy's for 2 units or greater. 620 minimum FICO and a minimum loan amount of $50-$60 thousand.
This example requires that people refinance their homes, take on a bigger mortgage, for ...more
By CEHJR (34), Southampton on Aug 29, 16 12:54 PM
Doesn't require a refinance. Could be a nice option for some of those 72H sites throughout Suffolk. Also could be a nice hybrid approach to properties with unique zoning.
By Craigcat (255), Speonk on Aug 29, 16 1:57 PM
What's the matter Jay - you don't have some extra space? Don't you own a couple of homes?

Oh, and why doesn't someone reach out to good ol' Eddie Burke Jr. Apparently our previous Queen-in-Office was able to rent a beautiful waterfront home from him, on her supervisor salary while supporting like 3 or 4 kids?
By Nature (2966), Southampton on Aug 29, 16 9:41 AM
Ninety properties that Suffolk County gave to towns and villages to build affordable housing have sat undeveloped for more than seven years. Vacant properties, by municipality:

Southampton: 7
By Craigcat (255), Speonk on Aug 29, 16 9:42 AM
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It's called the 72H program. County of Suffolk parcels that were repossessed by the county to unpaid taxes and allocated to municipalities for developing affordable housing. The TSHA received 17, developed and sold 13, and presently completing the remaining 3 (of the 7 you reference) all in Riverside. The remaining outstanding 4 held by the Town are part of the Riverside Redevelopment.
By CEHJR (34), Southampton on Aug 29, 16 12:02 PM
1 member liked this comment
Can you share details of those 7 lots? Size / zoning / single family / accessory apartment etc...
By Craigcat (255), Speonk on Aug 29, 16 12:35 PM
Just about everyone I know themselves know of someone looking for a decent place to live - No "knee jerk" reaction to laugh at the unavailability of affordable housing - The seasonal rentals command top dollar for the most outrageously substandard places and a LOT of people in Southampton particularly rent their houses while living in their own garages - without the proper permits in place for these conversions and therefore without C of O's - and these go undetected for years. Took Schneiderman ...more
By Vikki K (490), Southampton on Aug 29, 16 6:25 PM
PS - Remember when there was a housing lottery on Sagg Main (am not sure if that is the correct name of the road btwn Sag Harbor and Bridgehampton) and people "lucky" enough to win and move there only found themselves subjected to the drug crime that is rampant in that area.
By Vikki K (490), Southampton on Aug 29, 16 6:28 PM
My husband and I live on Sherri Ct., right near where the self-proclaimed “pioneers of MF-44,” want to build 51 units at 41 N Philips. Our story is similar to nearly all of our Sherri Ct. neighbors. My husband and I grew up in Queens, worked in Manhattan, commuted an hour every day to work. We worked hard and at times we both worked two jobs. We struggled, we saved, and we lived, at the time, where we could AFFORD. For two years we looked at a home on Sherri Ct., Speonk, 1 hour ½ ...more
By emsters16 (3), Remsenburg on Aug 29, 16 7:56 PM
2 members liked this comment
In hear you. TSHA/GGV want to put roughly 9% of Speonk's population on 4 acres right next to your development. We ask the town board to take the lead and work with us in finding a way to accommodate 28 units without changing the zoning. I hear you. Hopefully your town board will hear you.
By Craigcat (255), Speonk on Aug 29, 16 8:51 PM
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And another 100 feet away are the Hampton Villas with more units on a smaller piece of property. Did you not see them in any of your trips to dreamland over those two years? The fact is the proposed development is consistent with existing housing in the immediate area and answers a demand for appropriate housing for local people that has existed long before you ever heard of Sherri Court.
By VOS (1224), WHB on Aug 30, 16 2:27 AM
Yes, I did see the Hampton Villas and if you have seen them you would know that these are two floor owner homed condos.
We have lived in Speonk for 6 years now. My husband is a volunteer firefighter and we know all of the EMT and Firefighter volunteers in the community. Is there a need for affordable housing? Yes. We have young friends looking for apartments that volunteer their time to the community. But are these units really going to our community members that volunteer their time, ...more
Aug 30, 16 8:50 AM appended by emsters16
Transit-Oriented Development
By emsters16 (3), Speonk on Aug 30, 16 8:50 AM
Good point though, but here's the difference:
Hampton Villas is ownership based with Montauk Hwy access. You can actually own one of those units for approx $1200/ month, thus making them as or more affordable than many of the units that TSHA/GGV are proposing. Google the real estate listings if you don't believe me.
More, Speonk has a 30 unit trailer park on Speonk Riverhead Rd. There's a 5 unit apartment on Nidzyn Ave. Multi-unit apartments behind The Old Speonk Inn. Additionally, ...more
By Craigcat (255), Speonk on Aug 30, 16 8:56 AM
Shocker! Supply and demand. What else needs to be said? If you can't afford it, you have to live elsewhere. We all have our struggles. Can't force it, can you?
By Lets go mets (377), Southampton on Aug 29, 16 8:33 PM
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FRED® Economic Data
St. Louis Fed Home

M2 Money Stock (M2)
2016-08-15: 12,993.6
Updated: Aug 25, 2016

Billions of Dollars,
Seasonally Adjusted
By Mr. Z (11551), North Sea on Aug 30, 16 6:37 AM
But when demand far exceeds supply and we're losing people we need in the area because of it something must be done to create a balance. This proposal is a step in the right direction.
By VOS (1224), WHB on Aug 31, 16 2:34 PM
The Town of Southampton's Housing Choice Voucher program is far from a mess. This is not substantiated by opinion, but by audits, reports, reviews, and inspections. It is the most misunderstood program because of a handful of units violating the program standards that are mostly being administered by other agencies. Calling it a mess, garbage, junk (just to name a few adjectives I able to say and not be deleted) is defining the people participate on the program these things. The fact is that ...more
By CEHJR (34), Southampton on Aug 31, 16 6:54 AM
That's the difference, it's not a game. The is a serious concern, and a growing support more and more everyday now that the misinformation is being corrected.
By CEHJR (34), Southampton on Aug 31, 16 2:07 PM
I remember when Sherri Ct. was first proposed it was fought against by the community. Using your rational, you shouldn't be living there either, as a zoning change was needed in order to get it built.
By tenn tom (250), remsenburg on Aug 31, 16 8:04 AM
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You do realize we aren't against affordable housing, right? We aren't against it at 41 NP. We asked why they aren't developing the VB section as of right with 16 affordable apartments, and doing the R20 with 6 homes and 6 accessory apartments. We asked the planning board to look at this as well. We were told that you need a willing land owner. Ok, so the current land owner ran the place to the ground and allowed that property to become an eyesore. Now the same owner links up with GGV/TSHA and all ...more
By Craigcat (255), Speonk on Aug 31, 16 1:46 PM
or the Village Square Shopping Plaza (see a lot of people getting pizza and beer). What about Larry Citarelli's subdivision, which is as or right? This is about fear of change. No one wants to be faced with unforeseen change and the potential outcome from change. We loose site of the plan because the defense becomes emotional and not logical. Then our minds go to the absolute worse possible conclusions.
"I support as of right" or "I support what you have a right to do", what exactly does ...more
By CommunityMinded (20), Southampton on Aug 31, 16 2:48 PM
And as you work for the the developer your point of view is not skewed at all, right? It's funny how the few people who post here in favor of turning a 4 acre parcel into a 51 unit / 67 BR apartment complex are connected to TSHA or the builder. In short, my community doesn't support the size and density of this project. Your team submitted 1 proposal. We don't like it, so instead of actually being creative and working with people you attack them. Brilliant. So this is now a conversation between ...more
By Craigcat (255), Speonk on Aug 31, 16 3:02 PM
Sorry Cat. Don't work for developer or know him. I know the ED and have had hours discussing this, Sandy Hollow, Lottery Development, Section 8, etc.. I've been encouraging him to speak up for some time, because I believe that the list of accomplishments within what ever short time he's worked with the Town is commendable. Believe what you may, everyone who shows supports doesn't have to be a part of the team, or need to be attached for it. We just support the worthy cause.
By CommunityMinded (20), Southampton on Aug 31, 16 3:15 PM
1 member liked this comment
Sure. I had a conversation with a land use atty for an affordable housing developer. Maybe you know him. He was ranting about how we need affordable housing. I asked that if 41 NP got developed, and CAEC then came looking to do something similar, if that would be cause for concern. He said, "Nah, you just hire me and I'll protect you claiming saturation." I found it odd how his compassion and concern were limited to the projects that he was directly tied to and profited from. It's hard to tell who's ...more
By Craigcat (255), Speonk on Aug 31, 16 3:30 PM
1 member liked this comment
I am connected with neither the TSHA nor the builder but understand from personal experience and that of my adult children that there is a serious shortage of reasonably priced housing in the Town of Southampton as a whole and in the western end of the town, specifically. This shortage contributes to a lack of employment opportunities as no employer will locate to an area that cannot support its workforce.

I also question, Mr. Cat, how it is that you're so sure that your personal opinion ...more
By VOS (1224), WHB on Sep 1, 16 1:46 AM
I speak on behalf of the 400+ and growing members of RESCU. Again, the message is that we support affordable housing, but we ask the town to take the lead and address it together with our community. We would like to see 41 NP developed and welcome an affordable model there, with the town taking the lead and working directly with our community.
We ask that the town establishes a plan for affordable housing with an equitable distribution throughout each hamlet. We ask that the parameters of said ...more
By Craigcat (255), Speonk on Sep 1, 16 10:04 AM
1 member liked this comment
I am confused. Why is something on the Town Supervisor's facebook page newsworthy? His agenda for workforce housing has been announced over and over again. As others said, why doesn't he "walk the walk" and put an apartment in his new house for his friend. I believe he has a motel in Montauk - maybe that can be used for workforce housing at below market rates. So many people want a problem fixed but they don't want to inconvenience themselves or use their own money. I guess our Town Supervisor ...more
By HB Proud (889), Hampton Bays on Aug 31, 16 8:11 AM
1 member liked this comment
School District breakdown for the 5 developments impacting Remsenburg Speonk in the near future:
Remsenburg Speonk School District: up to 407 bedrooms.
Eastport South Manor School District: up to 210 bedrooms.

By littleones (23), Remsenburg on Aug 31, 16 8:16 PM
Your school data is based on what report? A reputable community planner and consultant reports that 41 North Phillips as proposed, estimates 6 children to Speonk/Remsenburg School.
By CEHJR (34), Southampton on Sep 1, 16 7:02 AM
full details of the <617 bedrooms coming to Remsenburg Speonk can be found on rescugroup.com. These are not subjective study numbers, they are based in fact on the numbers of bedrooms currently approved or proposed for our area. <617 bedrooms.
By littleones (23), Remsenburg on Sep 3, 16 9:41 AM
It truly is a shame that East Hampton, a wealthier Town than Southampton, has far more Affordable Complexes, and we have to battle to get the first one built. Even with East Hamptons number of affordable units, it continues developing more, with a supportive municipality in the eye of opposition. No fear of re-election, there was a need, they met it, job well done. Southampton Town board approved Sandy Hollow unanimously (5-0) and each member after being threaten to not be re-elected held their ...more
By CEHJR (34), Southampton on Sep 1, 16 7:46 AM
By tenn tom (250), remsenburg on Sep 1, 16 7:57 AM
Maybe the need for affordable housing IS in East Hampton based on the traffic on CR 39. If the work is in East Hampton then the housing should be in East Hampton.
By HB Proud (889), Hampton Bays on Sep 1, 16 8:19 AM
Thank you for supporting the project with your name on it. TSHA - sponsor, Curtis Highsmith - co-developer. As you don't represent the town of Southampton, nor does Georgica Green, and insist on forcing 1 model, your model, upon our community, it's awfully hard to see your agency as a willing partner in addressing affordable housing. Remember, it is you who are asking for special consideration on this. My hope is that our town board realizes that this issue is too important to outsource, and really ...more
By Craigcat (255), Speonk on Sep 1, 16 10:19 AM
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Nor should it be you. You don't even support "as of right", just ask Mr. Citarelli. You only "support" as of right in this example because everyone knows it will not be built. Compromise?
How about this, go ahead and ask the poor elderly widow to take a loan on her home and frame out a section of her house to become a landlord for the first time to a 22 your old man that she finds out parties all hours of the night after the fact. How about the young family barely making it, goes through ...more
By CommunityMinded (20), Southampton on Sep 1, 16 12:49 PM
I supported Mr. Citarelli's as of right project.
You post hypothetical scenarios, yet those who want to build 51 units at 41NP argue away our density concerns based on hypothetical scenarios.
I personally boycott the business of a person who escorted Mr. Gallo to a community function that had nothing at all to do with business promotions. 41 NP wasn't a part of our local summer celebration. When people asked me who that person was, I decided to not answer. I even took the post down where ...more
By Craigcat (255), Speonk on Sep 1, 16 2:22 PM
and for the record, I very much want to see 41 NP get developed, and I always thought it would be developed as affordable.
Frankly, the state of that property is a crime and the land owners should be fined to the gills.
By Craigcat (255), Speonk on Sep 1, 16 2:31 PM
Craig & CM, please stop. I (Curtis Highsmith) have to step in because all of you are taking this way too far. This is not war. I have a responsibility to all communities within the town, hamlet, and villages of Southampton, and the phone call for housing is growing daily.
NO CAC has come out and supported 41 N Phillips. Our visits to the CAC, CIVIC, and even Remsenburg Association were all civil. We were received, listened to, and given suggestions which were implemented in the final proposed ...more
By TSHA (2), Hampton Bays on Sep 1, 16 3:46 PM
I'll pass this request over to CEHJR too. He may want to know ;)
You guys are too funny.
By Craigcat (255), Speonk on Sep 1, 16 4:37 PM
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A very concerning post from Curtis posting as TSHA this time. He brought the proposal to the town knowing that if they reject or reduce it significantly, the town would be vulnerable to fair housing suits. So the board that appointed Curtis as Exec Director of TSHA is repaid by him bringing them a proposal that threatens the entire SH town.
That is delicious.
By Craigcat (255), Speonk on Sep 1, 16 4:57 PM
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This is what I'm talking about Craig. I never said I wasn't CEHJR, it's obvious, it's my initials. Just in case no one knew for sure, I made it TSHA.
Secondly, no one is threatening, but I guess the spin must go on.
Sorry I thought I could have a rational conversation.
Now, I'm really done.
By TSHA (2), Hampton Bays on Sep 1, 16 5:19 PM
Affordable housing in Southampton should be a town-wide initiative. The town needs to take the lead. The town needs to dictate the parameters to developers. Affordable housing through the lens of outside entities needs to end.
We have town board members that care very much about this issue. I hope that they are realizing that they need to establish a plan. Speonk could be the first step.
By Craigcat (255), Speonk on Sep 1, 16 10:25 AM
You are absolutely right. Just like East Hampton did. Approve it and put some money behind it.
By CommunityMinded (20), Southampton on Sep 1, 16 12:51 PM
We heard the same argument at Sandy Hollow, "It has to be 34 units!!! We can't get the funding!!!"
Somehow they got the funding with a 17% reduction in yield.
Now at 41 NP, "It has to be 51!!! We can't get the funding!!!" But we are the crazy irrational ones... sigh.
By Craigcat (255), Speonk on Sep 1, 16 3:35 PM
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Wherewere you when Westhampton Pines was built? Oh that's right it was unaffordable housing built for rich people in an area that was zoned for 5 acre plots. Care to guess how many homes they squeezed in there?
By tenn tom (250), remsenburg on Sep 2, 16 7:17 AM
Repeat: We support affordable housing. Our only issue with 41NP is the size of the project. No over-development please.
I'll post this 1000 times if I have to. GGV/TSHA have brought us 1 proposal. According to them, and I guess you, acceptance of the single choice = being for affordable housing and rejecting the single choice = being against affordable housing.
Let's go car shopping together. You get a single choice. Buy it and you drive. Don't buy it and you are clearly against driving. ...more
By Craigcat (255), Speonk on Sep 2, 16 9:26 AM
Where's your proposal?
By VOS (1224), WHB on Sep 2, 16 2:14 PM
You never answered the question.
By tenn tom (250), remsenburg on Sep 3, 16 9:25 AM
We have met with town board members and discussed a number of ideas. The conversations continue. More importantly, you may want to question your blind faith in what TSHA is selling and how they are going about doing it. tenn tom, if you really are from Remsenburg then perhaps you should put some effort into looking at alternatives that could help prevent over-development in your town. Feel free to contact us at anytime. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
By Craigcat (255), Speonk on Sep 4, 16 10:28 AM
I believe the issue goes beyond "affordable" housing. Some of those starting out and those "ending up" are looking for something small and manageable - look at the "small house" movement. I agree with some posts that the initiative for accessory apartment is ridiculous for so many reasons. However, it seems to me what happened at Sandy Hollow was also awful. I also wish posters would stop blaming the CAC for the Bridgehampton PDD. Based on the public meetings, they were actually working with ...more
By HB Proud (889), Hampton Bays on Sep 2, 16 10:11 AM
The problem with subsidized housing is that eventually you run out of other people's money.
By bird (816), Sag Harbor on Sep 2, 16 11:49 AM
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How about the old girl scout camp caretakers house, which the town owns and is rotting away. Isn't that supposed to be used for housing?
By bb (907), Hampton Bays on Sep 2, 16 6:09 PM
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Bird, I agree with you on this. Can't keep giving with out somebody paying...
By knitter (1855), Southampton on Sep 6, 16 9:18 AM
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