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May 10, 2017 9:13 AMPublication: The Southampton Press

Southampton Town Passes 100 Percent Renewable Energy Goals For 2025

Five 600-foot-tall wind turbines constructed off Block Island, as seen from Camp Hero State Park in Montauk.  Michael Wright
May 10, 2017 11:13 AM

Southampton Town recently set a goal to move the entire municipality to renewable energy sources by the year 2025, although some town officials have voiced concerns about a lack of details.

Introduced by Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman and Town Councilman John Bouvier, the stated objective is to power every home and business with green energy and to become carbon-neutral through a combination of conservation, efficiency and alternative energy sources.

Councilwoman Christine Scalera abstained from the vote approving the goal at a May 9 Town Board meeting, noting that there were no formal plans for achieving the goal.

Mr. Bouvier noted that Town Board officials will discuss a plan with the town’s Sustainability Committee at an upcoming work session, although a date has not yet been set.

Councilwoman Julie Lofstad also brought up concerns about how the efforts, which would most likely rely heavily on offshore wind farms, might affect the commercial fishing industry on the East End. She said she would like all stakeholders at the table when discussions take place.

The supervisor noted that a wind farm would pose less risk to the fishing industry than oil drilling, which could have extreme environmental consequences from oil spills.

Mr. Schneiderman has previously stated that the majority of the renewable energy generated for Southampton’s green goal would probably need to come from offshore wind power plants near Block Island, located about 14 miles east of Montauk Point. Development company Deepwater Wind may build 12 to 15 wind turbines through a project dubbed the South Fork Wind Farm.

In 2014, East Hampton Town adopted a similarly ambitious goal to “go green” by 2020 and to generate enough renewable energy to at least offset energy used for transportation and heating by 2030.

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This Town runs on vagueness, lack of planning and NIMBYism. All very renewable. How about the East End Towns, Hamlets and Villages bringing in an Urban Planner to look at the area and give some suggestions, instead of elected officials with no clue guessing and patch-working?
By Mouthampton (422), Southampton on May 10, 17 10:07 AM
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I'm with Scalera here. Useless to vote without a concrete idea. That said...
almost by definition, an urban planner would reimagine the east end in a way that would be most beneficial to human beings and our lives/modes of transport, not nature and it's cycles. Go look at the Netherlands, urban planning capital of the world lol. Everything is a big city or a farm. No in between.

And before you tell me to go look at rooftop gardens and all the tree-filled skyscrapers in shanghai, good ...more
By Brandon Quinn (189), Hampton Bays on May 10, 17 10:22 AM
Hey, thanks for the confrontational tone. But why not look at the definition then, right?:

Urban planners are predominantly concerned with the regulation of land use, development and subdivision, with the intent of achieving the desired urban planning outcome.

Regulation of land use and development is achieved via the drafting and adoption of planning instruments designed to influence the land use and built form goals of the jurisdiction. The planning instruments take the form ...more
By Mouthampton (422), Southampton on May 10, 17 10:29 AM
Nice C&P. This scheme might work in some URBAN situations, but has no place in our very unique area.
By bigfresh (4442), north sea on May 15, 17 5:55 AM
"The supervisor noted that a wind farm would pose less risk to the fishing industry than oil drilling, which could have extreme environmental consequences from oil spills."...We're rich, we're rich, we're socially secure!...Who knew that we had offshore oil deposits right here in our waters...

Besides, what kind of beggar thy neighbor policy is this? Depending on offshore wind farms off of Block island for our energy needs. You want to be green try placing these windfarms here.

Of ...more
By Toma Noku (616), Southampton on May 10, 17 10:42 AM
At what costs... Looks good on paper, good photo op.
Think, research, then open your mouth...What is this going to cost our taxpayers???
By knitter (1760), Southampton on May 10, 17 11:09 AM
I am reminded that the aTown of Southampton, by a 55-45 split, does pray at the Altar of climate change.
By Duckbornandraised (184), Eastport on May 10, 17 6:06 PM
How about a dollar for dollar property tax write off for all cash investment by home owners in solar panel and installation? We could be solar powered in a year and create tons of construction jobs.
By dfree (749), hampton bays on May 10, 17 6:13 PM
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More wasted time lets deal with affordable housing and infrastructure the town is falling apart no new beaches no new roads no new sidewalks . Taxes going up Lipa still in debt from Shoeham which is makes our electric bills so high. Let's fix those issues
By Obserever (40), Southnampton on May 10, 17 7:45 PM
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Happy that they are considering it. This is the way we need to go. Kudos
By marybmary (53), east hampton on May 11, 17 10:18 AM
Here you go fishermen we are getting screwed. This is the first step in them approving the deep water wind farm and running a power line right into Southampton. Since the Board just mandated to go with only renewable power by 2025 they have to approve the wind farm because there is nowhere else to get enough renewable power by the deadline.
By Gillnetter (105), Hampton Bays on May 11, 17 10:41 AM
Leaves Jay blowing in the wind...
By knitter (1760), Southampton on May 12, 17 7:39 AM
The best way to achieve carbon free energy for the Town of Southampton is a solar microgrid, not tethered to Cuomo the Elder's legacy liability known as LIPA.

It's actually achievable -- start with solar roof installation on every Town government building, library, school, fire station, police station and beach facility, financed by any tax credit available and Solar City so no money down. The houses and businesses closest to these properties will benefit first.

This should ...more
By dfree (749), hampton bays on May 13, 17 12:31 PM
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They can put wind turbines in the town board room and the political hot air will make us energy iindependent forever
By chief1 (2739), southampton on May 15, 17 6:57 PM
Ha! If only blog comments were kilowatt hours we'd have electric cars for everyone.
By dfree (749), hampton bays on May 16, 17 9:41 AM
Drive-in movies,Coopers Beach, Southampton village