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Jul 9, 2011 12:54 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Ten Sex Offenders Arrested By Southampton Town Police

Jul 13, 2011 10:08 AM

Ten sex offenders in Southampton Town were charged over the past three months with felonies for failing to report a change of address, the Southampton Town Police Department said on Saturday morning.

Designated sex offenders are required to notify the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services of their place of residence within 10 days of a move. If they are not living at the address they provide, they are subject to arrest.

Southampton Town’s Juvenile Aid officers, working with the Suffolk County Police Department and the United States Marshal’s Service, charged nine men with failing to notify authorities of a new change of address, six of whom are designated Level 3 offenders, the most serious of three levels that courts assign, according to the State Division of Criminal Justice Services sex offender registry. Level 3, a lifelong designation, is given to offenders who are believed to have a high risk of a repeat offense and pose a threat to public safety.

The six Level 3 offenders arrested by Town Police are: John M. Shelton, 38, Jason Bullock, 28, James Stoutmire, 42, William Keene, 34, Robert Trocchio, 48, and Benjamin S. Griffin, 55.

Two offenders arrested are classified as Level 2 offenders, or those who are believed to have a moderate risk of a repeat offense, also a lifelong designation: Carl L. Graves, 52, and John Z. Martinolich, 25. Richard Ramos is a Level 1 offender, believed to have a low risk of a repeat offense.

In addition, Lucas M. Rivera, 50, a Level 3 offender, was charged with failure to personally verify his address with local authorities every 90 days.

All 10 men are currently incarcerated at the Suffolk County Jail in Riverside, according to the registry.

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Isn't there some sort of special yellow vest or hat or something that these sick deviants can wear so that we can identify them? If it is the wish of the legal system that these guys (who by the way, are not cured, fixed, healed or reformed) mingle with us law abiding citizens who keep our hands to ourselves - I need some way to tell who they are. I have kids. If you've seen a couple of cockroaches, then you can rest assured there are lots more that you cannot see.
By local69 (65), southampton on Jul 12, 11 7:22 AM
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You would think that when it comes to stories about sex offenders, the Southampton Press and 27 East would have the common decency to "unlock" the article so we can be better informed and protect our children!
By fritzdaddy (34), southampton on Jul 17, 11 3:35 PM