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Story - Food

Mar 1, 2019 4:33 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Former Hampton Bays Friendly's To Host Modern American Restaurant And Market In Spring

Salvatore Biundo stands in the front section of the building, which will host a
Mar 4, 2019 9:34 AM

Salvatore Biundo will be expanding his palate in May, trading his Italian-style dining for casual modern American food.

The Southampton resident, who leases Centro Trattoria & Bar, plans to open his new restaurant, “The Standard: Kitchen Market Bar,” at the former Friendly’s on Montauk Highway.

The restaurant will be open for brunch, lunch and dinner, and will feature a grab-and-go market where customers can grab a fresh salad or pre-packaged sandwich. There will also be a hot entreé section with rotisserie chicken and sides, Mr. Biundo said.

John Tortorella, the owner of J. Tortorella Swimming Pools in Southampton and Centro Trattoria & Bar in Hampton Bays, purchased the 5,200-square-foot building for $1.3 million in June with intentions to fill a void in Hampton Bays.

“I feel there is a demand to have something they can take with them—there’s no good place to get a fresh clean salad or really good pre-packaged food,” Mr. Biundo said on Friday. “There’s a void and demand I’m trying to fill.”

Originally, the duo planned to open the American-style restaurant last fall. Mr. Tortorella attributed the delay to obtaining the necessary permits for the property. Mr. Biundo said it was more because he was still figuring out his vision.

“It took me a while to nail down the correct concept,” Mr. Biundo said. “I’m not rushing it.”

Mr. Biundo declined to comment on the current permitting status, but he did say that renovations began on the building in January. The interior of the building is getting a complete face-lift: “Everything will be brand new from scratch,” he said.

The former Friendly’s building has sat vacant since July 2017 when the franchise owner, Joe Vitrano, said his landlord, property owner Joseph Malvasio of Florida, raised the rent.

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I think this is a great idea. Good Luck to Mr. Biundo with his plans. If this turns out to be as wonderful as Centro it will be a great asset to the Community.

By Hampton Hillbilly (9), Hampton Bays on Mar 4, 19 2:51 PM
I’m not grasping the concept thus far. Is it an overpriced deli/market like Citeralla?
What the community needs is not another salad bar or hot food buffet like all the rest of the delis in town but maybe something to replace the diner or pancake cottage which is what I thought the original concept was.
Maybe the diner is coming back? Hence the reluctance to do a breakfast place?
I love Centro. Great food,decor, atmosphere and staff. But is that really a great idea? Salads and ...more
By Urit (24), Quogue on Mar 4, 19 6:16 PM
why don't you wait until it opens before trashing it
By BrianWilliams (87), on Mar 4, 19 6:29 PM
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Is it a restaurant or takeout deli?
By harbor (400), East Hampton on Mar 5, 19 9:14 AM
It sounds to me like it will be a restaurant that serves brunch, lunch and dinner with a bonus grab and go market. I can't wait. I think this is a great idea!!!!
By MD (22), Southampton on Mar 5, 19 12:23 PM
I was hoping for more of a "diner" type restaurant with tables to get breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night snack i.e. coffee, bakery items etc The "grab "n" go" is a great thing also.
Best of Luck to the owner in this endeavor!!!
By leo (19), hampton Bays on Mar 5, 19 3:05 PM
I hope they include options for meat alternatives. Something like a Tiger Lily in Port Jeff would be wonderful!
By Melissabee (4), brookhaven on Mar 5, 19 5:04 PM
Sal's done a great job with Centro, I'm sure this is going to be excellent as well!
Best of luck to him.
By HamptonDad (218), Hampton Bays on Mar 6, 19 12:07 AM
I thoroughly enjoy Centro and I have the utmost confidence this new market will be amazing. So looking forward to this and wishing Sal and his team all the best. The Hampton Bays community is most grateful for this new and much needed addition.
By murph (3), hampton bays on Mar 6, 19 11:39 AM
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So I can just go to stop and shop or King Cullen (the other stop and shop) and just buy their pre-made meals or deli counter, or any of the several delis or even Starbucks, already in the hood. Sorry, not feeling it... If Friendly's couldn't turn a profit and IHOP fled the area for Riverhead, why would you think that this would be successful? Don't feel bad, it's not you, it's the location. Everybody here loves throwing out ideas of what they would love to see go in there, but the truth is that ...more
By DisgustedHamptons (56), Hampton Bays on Mar 9, 19 12:32 PM
IF you think all food is the same, this is not the place for you. If you believe the food at Moe's was equal to the food at Hampton Gyro, that is not the place for you. If you think the factory prepared food at King Kullen or Stop and Shop is no better than that freshly prepared by someone with his heart, soul and wallet in the game that is not the place for you. But many of us appreciate the difference between food sources and are even willing to pay a little more for a product that is made ...more
By VOS (1199), WHB on Mar 9, 19 2:03 PM
I'll believe it when I see it. People who live in HB are working class hard working people who struggle daily with getting their bills and taxes covered, therefore they are on a budget. If you overprice any of your items they will not pay for it. Even if you're one of those 'food channel' chefs who think they can charge more because they put their face in your food and stare while they prepare it on a triangle plate, giving their product a perceived higher value, which you call 'heart and soul', ...more
By DisgustedHamptons (56), Hampton Bays on Mar 13, 19 4:01 AM
Where was the IHOP in Hampton Bays disgusted?
By Biba (541), East Hampton on Mar 9, 19 11:49 PM
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There was none - THATS THE POINT - Riverhead has a brand new one though... It's very pretty... They have a Friendly's too! And a Brand New Popeye's, TWO McDonalds, a Burger King, Dominos, a FRIDAYS and an Applebees... A Panera Bread, Wendy's, A Taco Bell... Should I continue? Yes, The Holy Grail, Chippolte! What does HB Have? Yes, one McDonalds, a Carvel, Panera, three Pizza Places within 1/4 mile of each other, a Dominos, the Greek place, and about 15 boarded up properties on Main Street. GREAT!
By DisgustedHamptons (56), Hampton Bays on Mar 13, 19 3:25 AM
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If you want chain store processed food, then go west to get it.
By Mr. Z (11376), North Sea on Mar 13, 19 6:58 AM
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another genius! You still do not get it - my comments haze ZERO to do with food (fast, slow, or gourmet) You live in North Sea so maybe you should take a ride west. I'm not going to re-explain so I suggest you re-read my comments slowly and figure it out for yourself...
By DisgustedHamptons (56), Hampton Bays on Mar 18, 19 7:07 AM
8k run & 3 mile walk, Agawam Park, Southampton Rotary Club fundraiser