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Jul 15, 2014 5:56 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Sag Harbor Father Raises Money For His Product, Kid Lid

Jul 16, 2014 9:49 AM

Matthew Mogol is a busy father living in Sag Harbor. Sometimes, when he needs both hands, he’ll put on “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” for his 2-year-old daughter, Penelope, to watch on his laptop. But because Penelope loves the show so much, she often bangs on the keyboard in excitement—which stops the video application. Sometimes she’ll even pick off individual keys, creating a potential choking hazard for herself.

Mr. Mogol began using thick magazines to cover the keyboard as a temporary solution to the problem, but Penelope would always lift them up and access the keys and track pad that way.

With those inconveniences in mind, Mr. Mogol constructed a board that secured to his laptop and covered the keyboard for kid-friendly use. And after much admiration of the product from people at airports, restaurants and elsewhere, Mr. Mogol decided to patent his creation and start his own company, Mogolo, to distribute the boards.

That’s how Kid Lid was born.

The Kid Lid Protect Board and Fold-Up Board both provide a smooth and stable surface for children to rest toys, snacks, sippy cups and more on while they’re using laptops—they can even bang on the boards to express their excitement, the way Penelope would. The Protect Board is 3 millimeters thick and made of BPA-free polycarbonate plastic, while the Fold-Up Board is made of a softer material and folds into a third of its size for easy track pad access and storage. Each board is compatible with all 13-inch and 15-inch Macs and PCs, and can be secured to a laptop by sliding an open slit on the Kid Lid over the computer screen and then wrapping an elastic band underneath the keyboard.

Mr. Mogol said that with a Kid Lid, Penelope was able to engage more with the shows she would watch, and he would not have to discourage her from touching things with “that ugly word, ‘no.’”

“It was a really cool way for her to interact with this technology,” Mr. Mogol said. “It’s just so simple.”

Mr. Mogol, who has a background in branding and advertising at a company in Brooklyn, is currently in the process of raising $17,500 through a Kickstarter campaign to cover the costs of creating custom molds to produce the first round of the Kid Lid boards. His campaign ends at 2 p.m., July 31, and he has already raised almost $6,000.

Backers of the Kickstarter campaign who donate at least $20 will receive a Kid Lid if and when the campaign reaches its goal. Mr. Mogol said that if the money is raised, he will be able to launch the product in stores by Christmas. The Protect Boards would sell for $29, and the Fold-Up ones for $34.

Local retailers such as GeekHampton in Sag Harbor have already agreed to purchase some of the boards to sell at their stores. Amy O’Donnell, director of operations at GeekHampton on Bay Street in Sag Harbor, said that her store was interested in Kid Lid because the boards are compatible with Macs and are a convenient accessory for parents.

“It’s a cool product,” Ms. O’Donnell said. “He’s a local guy. Anytime we can help out a local guy ... we’re happy to do so.”

In the future, Mr. Mogol said that Mogolo will launch different products, all with the same goal of creating ways for children to interact with technology that are safe for both the electronic devices and the kids.

Further details about the project can be found by typing “Kid Lid” into the search bar at kickstarter.com.

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