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Feb 28, 2013 1:20 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

SYS Pitches Indoor Ice Rink Proposal To Town Board

Mar 6, 2013 9:10 AM

A group of local businessmen pitched a plan to the Southampton Town Board this week for the construction of an indoor ice skating rink on the property of the Southampton Youth Services athletic facility in North Sea.

The idea was presented to the board at a work session last Thursday, February 28, by SYS Director Scott Johnson, members of the SYS Board of Directors and businessman Fred Gradin, one of those backing the proposal.

Plans for the facility are still in very preliminary stages, but call for a new building on the SYS property containing only the ice rink, on land owned by the town. Mr. Johnson said the rink would be open year-round and would be available for a wide range of activities, from hockey to figure skating to rentals for private parties.

Mr. Johnson said that SYS has been considering an ice rink for more than two years, since the idea was first proposed by another business group. But costs and operating complications have only recently led them to a proposal they found workable.

“We just want to get the pulse of the board, see if you feel it is right for the community,” Mr. Johnson said. “We’ve talked to more people that want to be on ice than anything else we’ve heard. We want this to be a complete recreational facility for the entire town of Southampton.”

Mark Antilety, the president of the SYS board, said that while it is early in the planning, the numerous efforts to build an ice rink in the past have contributed a significant amount of logistical information.

The youth organization had recently approached the Southampton School District about possibly constructing the ice rink on a 9-acre property the district owns adjacent to the SYS property. The district was unwilling to sell the property though, preferring to lease it in 10-year increments, which is too short of a time to base fundraising on, Mr. Johnson told the board. The town-owned property is also more suited to the facility because it is flat and could take advantage of existing parking on the property.

Board members offered their nod of endorsement to the idea—Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst attended the meeting in a hockey jersey as a show of support. The SYS team said it would likely be months before a full workup of the feasibility of developing and operating such a facility could be completed.

Speaking for “those of us that spent years shuttling kids to Hauppauge at 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning,” Ms. Throne-Holst said having a hockey rink locally would be an enormous convenience. “It’s not only hockey,” she added. “It’s figure skating, its birthday parties, it’s summer camps.”

Mr. Antilety said that the ice rink would be entirely operated by SYS—unlike the programs at the main facility, which are run by Future Stars—overseen by Mr. Johnson at first and, eventually, by a dedicated director of its own.

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This is great!!! Now we know that WE DO NOT NEED another camp
at Little Fresh Pond since SYS has many opportunities for our children
and citizens.

By East Ender (64), Southampton on Feb 28, 13 1:57 PM
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Add-for children of all economic classes. Not just the high profit making ones.
By East End 2 (150), Southampton on Feb 28, 13 5:05 PM
If anything, we need indoor swimming facilities for year round use. That is a better use for the taxpayer share.
By Toma Noku (616), uptown on Feb 28, 13 2:39 PM
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As much as I would enjoy summer hockey, I'd rather prefer winter swimming in water a shade warmer than fifty degrees.
By Mr. Z (11670), North Sea on Feb 28, 13 3:20 PM
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Lets do both! Hockey Rink and swimming pool.

The squash courts were built with Donations and were spearheaded by a small group of Squash enthusiasts, organized by Wally Glennon. All it takes is some hardwork and passing the hat... Squash in the Hamptons took about 3 years to raise the capital.
By Draggerman (941), Southampton on Feb 28, 13 5:21 PM
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Ugh!!! Anna's a Rangers fan she just lost my vote.
By Local dad (51), West of Nothwest Bub on Feb 28, 13 5:41 PM
The town is spending 1.5 million out of the parks fees to help the billionaires on the beach in Sagaponak rebuild. The board is basically saying Screw the kids and residents of Southampton. Mr Stillman and his Smith and wolensky donation of 5 k to ATH got1.5 million for beachfront owners, and a dune resto job. What a discusting use of funds instead of helping SYS.
By chief1 (2786), southampton on Feb 28, 13 6:27 PM
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C'mon guys, we have swimming 6-7 months out of the year. We have no ice. I say bring it on and build the pool later :)
By dnice (2346), Hampton Bays on Feb 28, 13 6:44 PM
An ice rink is a brilliant idea.. Especially considering there was no proper thought put into the current floor of the SYS court. The rubberized floor proved to be too slow for roller hockey... This requiring the drive out to Amagansett to play. An indoor ice rink would be a great idea, especially if year round. I know for one it gets too hot to play hockey outdoors in non-climate controlled facilities.
This has nothing to do with politics, so stay out of it you opportunist political debaters... ...more
By The Royal 'We' (198), Southampton on Feb 28, 13 8:38 PM
Ice is nice. A pool would be cool. Squish the squash.
By foodwhiner (148), Southampton on Feb 28, 13 9:35 PM
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Ironically, an ice rink and pool would be very complimentary from an engineering standpoint. The heat exchange mechanism used to create the ice transfers heat to the pool.
As for operation costs: has anyone noticed the roof at SYS? It cries out for solar collectors?
Shake a few mill from one of these Hedge Fund dudes--slap their name on the facility--and we're home free!
By aging hipster (201), Southampton on Mar 1, 13 6:37 AM
Yes, maybe something like "The A. Zaro Slipped On By Rink"
By Lets go mets (377), Southampton on Mar 7, 13 8:04 AM
FINALLY !!!!--
By Infoseeker (279), Hampton Bays on Mar 1, 13 8:42 AM
This comment has been removed because it is a duplicate, off-topic or contains inappropriate content.
By Infoseeker (279), Hampton Bays on Mar 1, 13 8:42 AM
Go Rangers!
By auntof9 (157), Southampton on Mar 1, 13 9:28 PM
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