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Nov 3, 2016 4:48 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

Southampton School Board To Hold Special Meeting To Discuss Future Of Superintendent Position

Nov 3, 2016 4:56 PM

The Southampton Board of Education will hold a special meeting on Monday to discuss the future of the district superintendent position.

Southampton School Board President Roberta Hunter said the meeting will be held as an executive session because the board will be discussing personnel.

Ms. Hunter said the board needs to have the meeting to decide whether to keep an interim superintendent or to start looking for a full-time superintendent.

Dr. Nicholas Dyno took over as the interim superintendent of the district after the resignation of former Superintendent Scott Farina.

The meeting will take place from 5:30 to 7 p.m. in the Peconic Teacher Center at Southampton High School on Narrow Lane in Southampton.

Anyone with questions can call Amy Pierson, the district clerk, at 631-591-4510.

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More secrecy from people who are in charge of over 70% of our tax dollars. This is inexcusable behavior once again by the members of the Board of Education. Or, if they are going to simply hide everything from the public, please do away with any positions in the budget that pertain to public information or community information. The taxpayers have a right to know how and why our money is spent. The board obviously feels we don't.
By localcitizen (101), Southampton on Nov 4, 16 6:53 AM
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Make up the loss of funds spent on the golden parachute. Do not replace. Let Dyno do the job. You don't need both positions.
By foodwhiner (141), Southampton on Nov 4, 16 9:49 AM
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Good idea. But I don't think it's legal. You would have to get rid of the job of assistant superintendent job that Dyno held, There are way too many administrators getting big salaries and benefits. If it's possible to reduct the load that would be great news.
By localcitizen (101), Southampton on Nov 4, 16 11:46 AM
MORE intregue un SH ? What's wrong there ?
By carsrus (65), Hampton Bays on Nov 9, 16 5:44 PM
By NYS ED law, you do not have to have Asst-Supers nor do you have to have Asst-Principals. By law, you just have to have 1 Super and 1 Principal per school. These Assistants are all extras. Heck, these Asst-Supers and Asst-Principals are just "fat" in the hierarchy taking money from the tax payers. It is a shame how the Board of Ed does not care about the tax payer, they are self serving people how want to make self serving deals with the administration. Shame on them. The Board is supposed ...more
By A_Concerned_Parent (37), manorville on Nov 10, 16 8:22 AM
It is also a shame that so much time and money is spent on the immoral adults with the "Best Friends" video debacle, the Superintendent being fired, or umm, mutually separated, for doing "lord knows what" because you can not know.

They should obviously clean house instead of catering to these adults who obviously violated Board of Ed policies. Instead they give Esther Adler-Okeefe a new job position with a raise and give Superintendent Mr. Scott Farina a lump of money to leave.

How ...more
By A_Concerned_Parent (37), manorville on Nov 10, 16 8:32 AM
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