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Aug 9, 2017 10:44 AMPublication: The Southampton Press

Southampton School Assistant Superintendent For Business To Step Down, Help With Transition

Maria Smith is resigning from her position as the assistant superintendent for business at the Southampton School District, and being rehired as the assistant to the superintendent to ensure a smooth transistion. GREG WEHNER
Aug 9, 2017 10:58 AM

After 17 years Maria Smith, the assistant superintendent for business in the Southampton School District, is ready to step down from her position—but she’s not saying goodbye just yet.

Her last official day as the assistant superintendent will be on October 1, at which point she will take on a new temporary role, assistant to the superintendent. In her new role, Ms. Smith will make $850 per day, not to exceed 60 days, for a total of $51,000.

Ms. Smith also will help transition her duties over to her replacement, Jean Mingot, who will officially begin his role as the assistant superintendent for business on August 29, making $170,000 per year.

Ms. Smith started working for the school district in 2000 as a senior clerk typist in the technology department. While working in that position, she went back to school and got the credentials to be appointed as the district’s business manager in 2005. A year later, she was appointed as assistant superintendent for business.

She has handled the business side of the district, which includes crunching numbers for the annual budget and keeping the district’s credit rating at a respectable level.

“Maria won’t be out of sight as much as you might think,” Southampton School District Superintendent Dr. Nicholas Dyno told board members at a meeting on Tuesday night. “She’s going to be here helping us move forward to make sure that we’re in as good a place as we are now. We are grateful she is working with us.”

The School Board also announced the hiring of Stephanie Estrada, who will take on the role of assistant principal at the Southampton Elementary School.

“She had us at hello, basically,” said Julio Delgado, the assistant principal for instruction, said of the interview process, during which she said her kindness shined through, but she also “showed a lot of grit.”

Ms. Estrada will begin her new role with the district on August 16, making $115,000 per year.

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NYS Ed Law states that you must have at most 1 Superintendent and 1 Principal per school. All these "Assistant Whatevers" are extra FAT sucking the resources and money that should be going to the children. So next time your Board Of Ed
lies to you and denies your children Arts, Music, Sports, ... because of "Lack of Funds", you should demand that the "Lack of Funds" be put towards the children, and not the adults, of the school district. Any person that tries to manipulate you and say ...more
By A_Concerned_Parent (37), manorville on Aug 10, 17 8:50 AM
2 members liked this comment
What an eloquent and well-worded opinion! As we all know, Southampton has denied their children arts, music, sports, etc. for years! I base this allegation on no actual facts and have no sources with which to back up my argument, but if I tell you that you're being deceived, how could you NOT believe me?
By A_Vampire (1), Not Manorville on Aug 12, 17 12:22 PM
Hey vamp...well worded or not, the opinion came across. When our children attended SH a few years back arts, music and sports were sufficient, however there was wood shop and metal shop which have either been removed or are soon to be as I hear it.

Does it read better to say 1 ass't super @$170,000 x 3 VPs @$130,000=$560,000 for 4 admin positions? that could be better spent on programs for the children?

And my wife taught there if that helps support my comments.
By deepchanel (39), Southampton on Aug 14, 17 3:22 PM
Hey vamp...Again, NYS Ed Law states that you must have at most 1 Superintendent and 1 Principal per school.

By the way A_Vampire, where is 'Not Manorville'? I think I know someone in 'Not Manorville' who actually works at SH.

All these "Assistant Whatevers" are extra Vampires sucking the resources and money from the children.

What is better "for the children"
more "Assistant Whatever's" doing, well, whatever
--- OR ---
Student's getting more teachers, art, ...more
By A_Concerned_Parent (37), manorville on Aug 25, 17 11:03 AM