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Jul 7, 2010 11:54 AMPublication: The Southampton Press

Tuckahoe superintendent to leave; School Board interviews finalists for position

Jul 7, 2010 11:54 AM

The Tuckahoe Common School District is interviewing for a new superintendent this week in the hopes of filling the position as soon as possible in light of Interim Superintendent-Principal Brian McCarthy’s announcement last week that he will not continue in his role for one more year, as had been expected.

“This very difficult decision was made in the best interest of the community, parents, students and staff. Recently, personal and family issues arose which needed attention, thus forging my decision,” Mr. McCarthy said in a prepared statement at a work session of the School Board on June 28.

He did not return requests for comment before deadline.

The School Board had announced in May that it was extending the interim administrator’s contract through 
June 30, 2011, to help stabilize the district after the School Board’s ouster of previous superintendent Linda Rozzi and had temporarily suspended its superintendent search until the fall.

In the meantime, Tuckahoe had applied through the Eastern Suffolk Board of Cooperative Educational Services for a one-year waiver from the New York State Education Department that would allow Mr. McCarthy to continue in his post for one more year.

The retired administrator had initially stepped into the interim role in January on a six-month state waiver set to expire June 30, 2010.

Mr. McCarthy is expected to continue in his role until his replacement is hired. He will continue at his per diem rate, which is $750, according to Gary Bixhorn, chief operating officer for Eastern Suffolk BOCES.

The three-member Tuckahoe School Board—Robert Grisnik, who was named chairman at the district’s reorganization meeting on Tuesday, Sharon Grindle, the previous chairwoman, and newcomer Daniel Crough—planned to meet with a volunteer committee of parents, community members, teachers and administrative, secretarial and custodial staff on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week to interview three finalists who emerged from a pool of eight candidates for the superintendent’s job. The candidates were selected by the Eastern Suffolk Board of Cooperative Educational Services in March before the search had been suspended.

Ms. Grindle explained that the new administrator will serve as a superintendent-principal until at least June 30, 2011, when current Assistant Principal Gail Ackerson’s contract expires. 
During the coming school year, Tuckahoe officials will discuss whether to split the superintendent-principal position, as it 
had once decided to do, or keep the two positions rolled into one.

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Further complications and fall out from the boards personal vendetta against Linda Rozzi.
By setyoufree (69), Sag Harbor on Jul 1, 10 2:35 PM
The poor kids of Tuckahoe can't catch a break. I just wonder what the plan was when they originally wanted to replace the the superintendent. Let's hope the doctor is a chess player and can think more than one move at a time.
By frayman (10), southampton on Jul 1, 10 8:06 PM
I can't understand why anyone would call these students "the poor kids of Tuckahoe". The students haven't missed a beat among all this change and are better off today than any time in recent memory. Cooperation with our high schools has finally been achieved, Latino families are finally becoming an integral part of our district (due to a long overdue "reaching out" and better dual language communications), major scheduling changes offer promise for a better academic year next year. The future ...more
By flyonthewall (30), Southampton on Jul 1, 10 10:23 PM
You may personally believe that the students are better off today than at any time in recent memory, but I do not. In fact, I strongly disagree with your assumption, including the one about Latino families, many of whom I know personally and who were quite simply destroyed by Ms. Rozzi's forced departure and still feel lost without her.

With Trustee Ricarrdi gone and Trustee Crough coming in, the future does indeed look brighter, but kids need consistency and this board has taken that from ...more
By setyoufree (69), Sag Harbor on Jul 1, 10 11:16 PM
If your child is suffering because of the departure of a superintendent, look within, it's not the school boards fault. What you are saying about the Latino families is pure fiction. Our school is communicating with them for the first time ever, and finally the moms are feeling welcome enough to volunteer in record numbers (for Tuckahoe) at school events and are attending PTO meetings.
By flyonthewall (30), Southampton on Jul 2, 10 6:15 PM

I was wondering how long the dark forces of Tuckahoe will take before they push out the Superintendent who exposed the atrocious policies in place for the last 9 years that have led to chronic, very poor test performances and achievement of Tuckahoe students.

I now expect a return to the bad old days and the return of some parents' comments like "trst scores aren't everything!" Oh yeah, try getting into really good schools after a Tuckahoe education!. Pathetic.

By Obbservant (449), southampton on Jul 2, 10 2:20 AM
Why do you insist upon spreading lies about education at Tuckahoe, observant? I am sorry if your child does poorly, but mine is getting a terrific education despite complete incompetence from the board. Test scores at Tuckahoe are actually very good, so what do you think you have to gain by saying otherwise?

By the way, every year, including the last five or more, Tuckahoe students finish at the tops of their class from Southampton High School. Parents like you are always looking to ...more
By lablover (104), Southampton on Jul 2, 10 8:20 AM
1 member liked this comment
MIne is getting a great education too, My concern is with my kids, not the school report card and it never will be. If someone's kid is doing poorly get them help, but this insistence that it's the school fault is just another form of scapegoating. Are these complainers living in the real world. Maybe they should take a drive to some impoverished communities here on LI, or the innercity public schools.
By Infoseeker (279), Hampton Bays on Jul 2, 10 11:20 AM
You need help. You're making up lies that are just baseless. This is just a speck of time in a limiless universe. If your kids are suffering because of test scores at Tuckahoe -prek-8, I feel awfully sorry for what lies ahead for them. Life is not meant to be micromanaged.
By Infoseeker (279), Hampton Bays on Jul 2, 10 11:26 AM
Thank you lablover for confirming that your child has not suffered as a result of Ms. Rozzi's departure.
By flyonthewall (30), Southampton on Jul 2, 10 6:12 PM
Not exactly what I said, but if it helps feed your delusion, feel free to make yourself feel better.
By lablover (104), Southampton on Jul 2, 10 6:54 PM
Oh, I'm so sorry lablover, I didn't realize that "mine is getting a terrific education" actually means "my child is suffering". And you call me delusional???
By flyonthewall (30), Southampton on Jul 2, 10 7:21 PM
Are you kidding me, observant? Just stop with your nonsense and look at the school report card for 2008/2009 and pay close attention to the district summary. Our kids did GREAT! And all this crap about 8th grade math! 88% scored at or above level three! For the past 9 years Tuckahoe has seen it scores steadily rise over all. You do not have a right to your own set of facts. Your irrational hate of our former superintendent and you and the boards insistence upon blaming her for everything ...more
By setyoufree (69), Sag Harbor on Jul 2, 10 8:33 AM
Ya know if you really cared about the kids you would get off this tirade of yours. The past is over, move forward. The kids are not sitting and sulking because Mr. McCarthy is leaving. He did a terrific job and yes it's unfortunate he's leaving at short notice, but tha'ts the way it is. Stop negating the board and your bull about the poor kids. You're just showing your misdirected anger. You must have more problems than you realize.
By Infoseeker (279), Hampton Bays on Jul 2, 10 11:12 AM
1 member liked this comment
It is because I care about my kid that I do not allow these baseless lies to go unchallenged and precisely why I will not forget what this board has done to Tuckahoe. As I said, my kid is doing great and, if she weren't, I would not place blame on teachers. How do you know how all kids feel about losing Ms. Rozzi or Mr. McCarthy? Do you think these kids don't establish bonds with superintendents and staff? Mine did. Speaking of misdirected anger, I suggest you focus yours elsewhere and worry ...more
By setyoufree (69), Sag Harbor on Jul 2, 10 12:00 PM
I said 'poor kids' because having a 3 superintendents in 12 months can be stressful. Kid's thrive on consistency and routine, so they can learn and thrive. They don't need a whole bunch of changes, I feel for anybody kid or not that deals with that. It's called empathy not anger.
By frayman (10), southampton on Jul 3, 10 12:32 AM
oh please...enough,
By Infoseeker (279), Hampton Bays on Jul 3, 10 1:49 PM
Thank you too setyoufree for another confirmation that the quality of education hasn't deteriorated because of the boards actions. What has changed significantly was that all our 8th graders in the algebra math class finally did well on the regents! Congratulations to them and to Ms. Dorchak for a job very well done.
We know how the kids feel about the change in leadership of the school because we have kids, open your eyes, you are obviously not the only parent writing here. If you don't ...more
By flyonthewall (30), Southampton on Jul 2, 10 7:12 PM
Flyonthewall, I have read the posts of setyoufree and I have NEVER seen her complain about the quality of education. In fact she, and others, including myself, pointed to the quality of education as PROOF that the board should not have forced out Linda. You are trying to twist her words to suit your argument, but it won't work.

We all know darn well that this whole problem was because some children of board members got in trouble and performed poorly in math. No one will be fooled. ...more
By lablover (104), Southampton on Jul 2, 10 9:24 PM
You and setyoufree contstantly (and I can't stress the contstantly enough) whine and complain that the board has destroyed the school. If this were true, education WOULD have suffered, but in reality there have been so many improvements and positive changes in our school during the past few months. Who was affected? Adults and only adults and that's mainly due to alliances and personalities. It's really easy for you to say that nameless teachers aren't happy, well guess what? I've spoken to ...more
By flyonthewall (30), Southampton on Jul 2, 10 10:31 PM
Hope none of the people you mention in your comment mind you using their names or talking about their children
By frayman (10), southampton on Jul 3, 10 12:43 AM
1 member liked this comment
How disgustingly inappropriate to speak of other children by name. Not at all surprising, but wholly in keeping with your twisted sense of right and wrong.
By setyoufree (69), Sag Harbor on Jul 3, 10 4:05 PM
I assume you are addressing lablover as well, nice of you to call your friend disgusting the way she talks about "some children of board members got in trouble and performed poorly in math" and your alter-ego original hamptonyte who says that board members kids were unruly! Again with your nonstop double standards.
By flyonthewall (30), Southampton on Jul 3, 10 11:40 PM
How about Mr. Grisnik for Superintendent?
By Mr. Z (11693), North Sea on Jul 2, 10 11:22 PM
Frayman, Mark Epley said this already to the press. The Grindle kids were spoken about often with the rumors that lablover and a few others love to spread and repeat about the Grindle and Grimaldi kids. Most of the community already knows that Dr. Crough's daughter just finished 8th grade (published often in his bios) and that this current 8th grade algebra class needed to be bought up to speed by adding an after school math class, but if anyone was offended, I apologize. Frayman, is there a reason ...more
By flyonthewall (30), Southampton on Jul 3, 10 8:09 AM
We all know this started back in 2007 when two out of three board members' children were unruly. This is politics at its best folks. These are the same two women who talk behind other mother's backs who they try to befriend. Pathetic! I didn't know Rozzi all that much but I moved to the district because of the stability of the Tuckahoe School. I talk to a lot of parents and teachers and know that they liked Rozzi...sure there are a few of the very poor performing teachers (and we all know ...more
By originalhamptonite (2), southampton on Jul 3, 10 3:44 PM
1 member liked this comment
So completely right on all points. They will try to spin their personal vendettas and twist truths, but it won't work.
By setyoufree (69), Sag Harbor on Jul 3, 10 4:07 PM
As an attorney, I caution EVERYONE who blogs on this site...if you make defamatory remarks you are opening yourseves up to legal action. The Press would have to release your true identity if there was a court order to do so. It's not worth it. For the sake of the school, we must all stop.
By lawlady (2), southampton on Jul 3, 10 3:54 PM
"Give me the liberty to know, to utter, and to argue freely according to conscience, above all liberties."

-John Milton, 1644
Jul 4, 10 11:10 PM appended by Mr. Z
"If you believe in freedom of speech, you believe in freedom of speech for views you don't like. " -Noam Chomsky, 19--
By Mr. Z (11693), North Sea on Jul 4, 10 11:10 PM
1 member liked this comment
Lawlady, I agree, that's why my arguments are fact based rather than rumor based (most of what I write has been previously published in the Press or discussed at board meetings). If those two women weren't spending so much time repeating rumors that aren't true I would not post here at all. They will say anything that fits their argument, even though their statements have no basis in fact whatsoever.
The school is moving in a really good direction, it would be nice if these two would just ...more
By flyonthewall (30), Southampton on Jul 5, 10 12:24 AM
Originalhamptonyte, you are making so many false and inflammatory statements that it's impossible to take anything you say seriously. And about Ms. Grindle's kids being unruly??? You are truly out of your mind. You didn't know Ms. Rozzi but had the opportunity to ask questions of a "vast majority of teachers"?? Yea, right. That the board hated a particular population?? When you start sentences with "I hear" it's obvious that you are a just another member of the rumor mill and nothing but a ...more
By flyonthewall (30), Southampton on Jul 3, 10 11:30 PM
This would probably be alot easier, without out all the "Mouthamptoning" that goes on...
By Mr. Z (11693), North Sea on Jul 4, 10 11:16 PM
If lablover and setyoufree would stop spreading false rumors, I will be happy to stop refuting them.
By flyonthewall (30), Southampton on Jul 5, 10 12:27 AM
flyonthewall...you do not base your comments on "facts". It appears that the certain people who commented to the press were friends of Grindle and could potentially face serious legal ramifications as individuals.
By lawlady (2), southampton on Jul 6, 10 11:02 PM