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Apr 26, 2016 1:16 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

County Asks For Wainscott Bowling Alley Traffic Study

Proposed traffic study area
Apr 26, 2016 2:00 PM

The Suffolk County Planning Commission has asked that some additional analysis of traffic be conducted in relation to the proposed construction of a bowling alley and sports bar at the East Hampton Indoor Tennis property in Wainscott as a condition of their approval of the project.

The commission asked that the board and the consultants for the bowling alley’s developer, Scott Rubenstein, take another look at whether there would be traffic impacts on South Breeze Drive, the nearest residential street to the proposed project on Daniels Hole Road, and how any such impacts could be lessened.

After reviewing the proposal by East Hampton Indoor Tennis for a 10-lane bowling alley, 200-seat sports bar and miniature golf course to be added to the tennis facilities, the Town Planning Board unanimously approved the project last month. During their review, board members agreed that the traffic impacts on lightly traveled Daniels Hole Road and Wainscott Northwest Roads would be minimal.

When the county Planning Commission reviewed the application, they put in their memo two conditions—a 50-percent clearing limit, which is already met by the proposed plans, and a recommendation that the board consider whether cars coming from north of Route 114 and choosing to cut through to Wainscott Northwest via South Breeze Drive, would have a significant impact on the residential through-street.

With those conditions noted, the commission approved the project as planned.

State law requires that any recommendations requested by the county commission be addressed at the local level, unless a super-majority of the Planning Board sees fit to override them. The East Hampton Town Planning Board would need five votes to override the county’s conditions.

The board will discuss the application again at its meeting tonight, April 27.

Board chairman Reed Jones said that the county’s memo on the project was “definitely unexpected,” considering that there had been no objections or concerns about traffic voiced at the board’s public hearings on the project.

Planning Board member and Wainscott resident Diana Weir noted that one of the planning commission’s members, Samuel Kramer, lives on a street that intersects South Breeze Drive and wondered aloud if Mr. Kramer had self-interest in mind rather than careful planning.

“Not one person from Wainscott came to the board with traffic issues, same with the Wainscott [Citizens Advisory Committee], and all of a sudden there is this memo and I said to myself ‘South Breeze Drive, where did that come from?’ Then I remembered, Sam Kramer lives there.”

Mr. Kramer acknowledged in a conversation this week that he lives on one of the residential cul-de-sacs that juts off South Breeze Drive and said he stated as much on the record at the commission’s review of the project plans. He said the commission’s unanimous vote to call for the traffic study, recommended by the commission’s own professional planning staff, as part of its approval of the project had nothing to do with his residency, but rather it was his knowledge of the area that led him to catch an apparent oversight. Looking at a map, he said, makes it fairly obvious that the road would likely see increased traffic due to the facility. He reiterated that the commission unanimously voted to approve the bowling alley project if the town finds the impacts to be minimal or can be mitigated.

“As a member of the planning commission I’m entitled to bring my personal knowledge to bear on the application,” Mr. Kramer said on Monday. “I would have had the same opinion of this project if I lived in Montauk.”

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An other example (like Home Goods) that this Planning Board and Planning Department does not get it!!!! Traffic is definitely an issue in the car wash proposed for East Gate Road. Hope that the County does not have to step in again!!!!
By Colt (36), Wainscott on Apr 26, 16 2:52 PM
NIMBY again sooooo sick of this BS
By xtiego (698), bridgehampton on Apr 26, 16 5:25 PM
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I've lived on South Breeze since the 90's. If the street can survive the "heavy" morning rush hour traffic, it can certainly survive the few cars that will be heading to the sports complex.
The complex will add greatly needed recreational enjoyment to our residents and visitors all year long.
By vibrationr (1), new york on Apr 27, 16 2:50 PM
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