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May 1, 2012 4:21 PMPublication: The Southampton Press

West Hampton Dunes Takes Top Honor In Beach Contest

May 2, 2012 12:40 PM

The David of America’s restored beaches took down one of the country’s Goliaths this week to win the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association’s coveted “Best of the Best Restored Beaches” contest.

The Village of West Hampton Dunes, which boasts 4.5 miles of restored beach, received 8,744 votes during the online contest, nipping Panama City Beach, Florida, which boasts 26 
miles of beach, by 704 votes, according to results announced on Tuesday. Isles of Palms, South Carolina, finished a distant third with little more than 3,000 votes.

Online voting began on March 30 and ended on Friday, April 27. People were allowed to vote one time per day.

“As in many of these instances, there were two communities that really got motivated for this contest,” said Ken Gooderham, co-executive director of the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association.

“Basically, it’s for bragging rights,” he added, referring to the contest. “We’re a small nonprofit; it’s not like we can give them a big check. We’ll single them out for some sort of honor.”

As of last week, West Hampton Dunes stood in second place in the contest’s urban beach category, the most competitive of the three categories.

Gary Vegliante, the mayor of West Hampton Dunes and a member of the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association’s Board of Directors, on Tuesday thanked all of the “friends of West Hampton Dunes” for putting his village’s beach over the top.

“This was a lot of fun but, seriously, it only goes to show just how passionate people on Long Island are about our beaches,” he wrote in an email. “It was truly an honor to be a part of something so important, passionate and fun.”

Mr. Gooderham added that his group’s goal for the contest was to show that beaches are popular and to “remind people that many of these beaches have been restored.”

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Should be first prize for "Best restored beach (subsequently destroyed by insane overdevelopment)".
By zaz (197), East Hampton on May 1, 12 5:44 PM
Very true zaz!! It's just waiting for the next big storm:(
By sandydog21 (195), Southampton on May 1, 12 5:57 PM
the best trucked in sand money can buy ....
By ranger (54), springs on May 1, 12 8:50 PM
There should be a law about using tax dollars for restoring beaches with manmade structures.
By The Good Life (7), Westhampton Beach on May 2, 12 1:22 AM
Little Peke's Inlet will return eventually.
By bigfresh (4593), north sea on May 2, 12 7:11 AM
Yes its the award for how much federal tax dollars can be spent in replenishing a beach that a storm took out! So that few can use it. This is up there with the GSA party spending....
By North Sea Citizen (564), North Sea on May 2, 12 7:13 AM
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... congrats, residents - reach out a side window and shake your neighbor's hand.
By William Rodney (558), southampton on May 2, 12 10:54 AM
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And who are the sponsors of the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association?
Why none other than those riding the the gravy train of re-nourishment!.... for the most part they seem to be Marine contracting and engineering companies.

It's a great business for them but we might as well just take the money from our pockets and throw it into the ocean.
By Split Rock (68), North Haven on May 3, 12 3:53 PM
Sorry to be the skunk at the lawn party, but it looks like I've got a lot of company in this thread. Check out the previous 27east story on this (4/24) & you see that WHD was put in the contest category of "urban beaches," which the report calls "highly developed beaches," including such cities-by-the-sea as Miami Beach, Virginia Beach, & Long Beach, California. This is what Mayor Veg and his friends have done to a beautiful shoreline with their greed.

Zaz has it just right in the 1st ...more
By clam pie (161), Westhampton on May 4, 12 10:42 AM
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