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27Speaks: Ospreys’ Rebound Is an Environmental Conservation Success Story

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Osprey populations have rebounded on the East End thanks to conservation efforts and the ban on DDT.

Osprey populations have rebounded on the East End thanks to conservation efforts and the ban on DDT.

27Speaks on Feb 2, 2023

Ospreys, the large, fish-eating birds of prey once listed as endangered in New York State, have had a miraculous rebound since DDT was banned and initiatives were put in place to provide nesting sites where development has encroached on their habitat. On the East End in particular, the osprey population has grown from around 100 individual birds in the 1980s to more than 350 nesting pairs, according to the Group for the East End, which monitors osprey nests. To discuss the species’s reversal of fortune, Group for the East End President Bob DeLuca joins the editors on the podcast this week.

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