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At Our Doorstep

It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to consider marine animal strandings, like that of a minke whale at Northwest Creek on November 21, as a form of communication. After all, whales and dolphins speak to one another in their own respective languages, and...

Bringing It Back

Once upon a time, shopkeepers in East Hampton Village all knew your name and your shirt size, the way you liked your hair cut, and who your family members were — and asked after them. The stores were open year-round, and most wares and services...

Just Too Easy

It’s just a little too easy to pile on to local government for what many consider to be over-regulation. What better sport than to poke fun at official sourpusses who get their kicks from throwing a wet blanket over live music and outdoor store displays?...

For Supervisor And Town Council

This has been an odd and, sadly, uneven race for East Hampton Town supervisor and the two council seats now held by Peter Van Scoyoc, Sylvia Overby and David Lys, three Democrats on an entirely Democratic Town Board. For several reasons, there will be not...

Old Friends

Old FriendsIt’s a shame when noble, established trees come crashing down in storms like the recent nor’easters. In East Hampton Village, a small handful of trees recently blew over or were damaged to the point of being structurally unsound, and they had to be cut...

Rally For Independents

Rally For IndependentsAs if we needed another reason to take the profit motive out of health care: Allow us to introduce pharmacy benefits managers.As noted in a story last week, PBMs, as they are called, actually were introduced decades ago as a way to negotiate...

Festive Times

Festive Times You wouldn’t know the season was supposed to be over in Montauk last weekend, when thousands of visitors and locals swarmed the green to check out pumpkin painting and bounce castles, bratwurst and mugs of chowder, live music and local brews, plus a...

Sail On, Sail On, Sailor

Sail On, Sail On, SailorAt a certain level you really have to hand it to him. Here’s a 21-year-old pining for a new life. So, naturally, he travels 2,500 miles to Montauk, hops on a sailboat he purchased one day earlier on eBay, and rounds...

In The Same Room

In The Same RoomClimate change was on just about everyone’s radar last week, especially with the news that the oceans are warming so much, and so quickly, that seafood supplies are threatened, extreme weather patterns are intensifying, and coastal communities are in serious danger.Not surprisingly,...

Kids These Days

As Greta Thunberg and David Hogg would testify, the degree of adult hostility leveled at teenagers who care about the world they inhabit can sometimes be astonishing. Even while adopting a condescending “Don’t worry your pretty little head” attitude, a very significant number of powerful...

Crosswalks: Pull The Plug

Pull The PlugThey’ve had their shining moment since Memorial Day. Now it’s time to shut them down.Those statuesque yellow signs lining Montauk’s Main Street — the 10-foot ones depicting a downward-pointing arrow, and a stick figure perambulating purposefully — were intended to serve a purpose...

Hatchery: Do It Right

And some have insisted that the Gann Road shellfish hatchery project will be vetted by the Planning Board, and Planning Department, in that their review and comments will be solicited by the town. That’s not the same thing, though, as filing a formal application, and...

Taking Back The Village

A tip of the sun bonnet to East Hampton Village, the Chamber of Commerce and the organizers of the Artists vs. Writers Game for injecting so much life into Herrick Park on Saturday.The chamber has pronounced its first Summer Festival, which was held at the...

Sunsets For All

Rose, orange, blue, gray, black, red and purple. Cumulus, uncinus, cirrus, mares’ tails. Swirls, curls, puffs and wisps.Every fair evening in Montauk in summer, sunset-watchers line up along the now-wide beach next to the west jetty at Montauk Harbor. Their silhouettes might vary in height...

Murder In Montauk

A school bus was parked in front of Kirk Park last Thursday morning at about 7 as parents dropped off children bound for a field trip to Citi Field. As is usual on a pleasant day in Montauk, there would have been walkers circling Fort...

Local Flavor

This is the time of year when retail stores and restaurants throw open the doors of “Hamptons outposts”—seasonal replications of what’s already on tap in New York City—on the South Fork. They join the tiny handful that are already here, year-round.These merchants and restaurateurs—or, more...

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Murder In Montauk
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Just Too Easy
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Old Friends
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