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Brown Is Beautiful

At least for the moment, we’re not going to run out of water in the aquifers below our feet: According to the Suffolk County Water...

Road Rules

Electronic bicycles, or e-bikes, seem to be everywhere all of a sudden. The bikes, with electric motors that can propel them at speeds up to...

Expanding Deserts

There are, of course, so many things to be concerned about these days — a pair of viruses, war in Ukraine, an uneven U.S. economy,...


IconPlaying Defense

I read with interest the article in The Express about a group of architects who took it upon themselves to meet with Adam Potter to convey their concerns about the conceptual renderings published in the paper [“Local Architects Hope To Help Guide Design Of Affordable Housing Complex In Sag Harbor,”, July 27]. I believe it presumptuous to have a private meeting with Mr. Potter and his designer about the design concept. While I may share many of their concerns,...

IconPounce On Bills

Two bipartisan bills are being considered in the U.S. Senate that would update our country’s antitrust laws to address the growing monopoly power of Big Tech companies that increasingly poses a threat to consumers, workers and small-business people — crushing us and our communities, leaving in their wake deserts of lawn, insurmountable towering hedges and useless acres of surplus wretchedly excessive empty residential space. In a rare moment of bipartisan unity, we have the chance today to pass this historic...

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PHOTOS: OLA Celebrates 20 Years With Sabor

OLA, Organización Latino Americana, of Eastern Long Island celebrated their 20th anniversary with “Sabor” at The Church in Sag Harbor on July 28. LISA TAMBURINI PHOTOS

PHOTOS: Bay Street Theater Hosts Mini Gala Dinner and Reception, A Night In The Tropics

Bay Street Theater & Sag Harbor Center for the Arts hosted its Mini Gala Dinner and Reception, A Night In The Tropics, on July 16, at the home of Bay...

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Sag Harbor Lions Club Award Scholarships To Four Recent Pierson Graduates

Ayanna El, Bridgehampton Valedictorian, Wins Amy F. Wahl Memorial Scholarship From Hampton Library

Congress Extends Free School Meal Plan, But Only Through Summer

Sag Harbor Board Of Education President, Vice President Switch Roles


Frieda M. Renner Of Sag Harbor Dies July 10

Kenneth MacWhinnie Of Sag Harbor Dies

Wendy Elizabeth Flanagan Of Sag Harbor Dies May 18

Billy DePetris, Bridgehampton Fixture, Dies At 85


John Jermain Memorial Library Donates Collection Of Books, Journals On Native American History To Ma’s House At Shinnecock

Dawgpatch Bandits, A Sag Harbor Charity, Continues Its Mission With Three More Fitness Stations

Congregants Gather To Bid Farewell To A Beloved Tree At Bridgehampton Church, Due To Be Felled

PHOTOS: Sag Harbor Fireworks Held Sunday