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Close to Home

This is an editorial, but the Editorial Board has given me the chance to write a personal message, one that we all endorse but filtered...

Gold Stars and Dunce Caps

DUNCE CAP: To various international media organizations — principally the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom and the New York Post — for the wretched...

Democracy Day

The deep divide in this country, politically, has at least one positive side: By demonizing the other side as potentially dangerous for the future of...


IconElephant in Room

Last week’s raucous hearing on the formation of an local development corporation [“Sag Harbor LDC Proposal Gets Worked Over at Cacophonous Meeting,”, July 2] was accompanied by an elephant in the room: namely, the fact that both Trustees Ed Haye and Jeanne Kane had been reelected a week before the hearing. At the debate with the candidates at the firehouse, which The Express News Group moderated, Mr. Haye said that reelecting himself and Trustee Kane would allow “Jeanne and...

IconCart Before Horse

The Sag Harbor Village Board’s July 1 work session on capital planning and the creation of a local development corporation was saddening [“Sag Harbor LDC Proposal Gets Worked Over at Cacophonous Meeting,”, July 2]. While the community was focused on what seems like another attempt to rush through legislation that could profoundly alter the character of our beautiful, historic village, some of the trustees seemed to think the objections were just a bump in the road. It is a...

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Jenny Noble

Sustainable Living

Karl Grossman

Suffolk Closeup

Marilee Foster

Ground Level

Tom Clavin

The Road Yet Taken

Anthony Brandt

Out of Left Field

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East End Residents Turn Out For Eclipse

East End residents turned out in droves to watch the solar eclipse on Monday afternoon. Solar glasses clad eyes looked to the sky as the moon passed over the sun....

HarborFrost Warms Up Sag Harbor

The weather was cold, but the vibe was warm at HarborFrost over the weekend. “A Taste of Sag Harbor,” kicked off the festivities at the Sag Harbor Cinema on Friday...

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Class Rank and Staffing Challenges Discussed at Latest Sag Harbor Board of Education Meeting

Ross School Elects Emily Tisch Sussman as New Board Chair

Future Is Bright and Diverse for Pierson Graduates

Committee Presents Long-Term Capital Improvement Plan at Sag Harbor Board of Education Meeting


A Beacon of Generosity and Grace: Philanthropist Dorothy Lichtenstein Dies at 84

Pioneering Photorealist Audrey Flack Dies at 93

Mary Kernell Graves of East Hampton Dies June 17

Artist Joe Zucker, Who Was Also Known as a Bridgehampton Basketball Coach, Dies at 82


Photographer's Images Capture a Slice of Sag Harbor Life

State Earmarks $2 Million for Bridgehampton Childcare Center Pre-K and Montauk Playhouse Cultural Center

Filmmakers Damas and Jackson Hope To Start a Conversation With 'Speak to Me,' Screening at Bay Street

Jimmy Buffett Debuts New Song on WLNG