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Susan Meiselas in dialogue with Lindsay Morris


Susan Meiselas is one of the most celebrated photographers of our time. Known for her ground-breaking photography in Latin America and around the world, Meiselas’s work has garnered the first Women in Motion Award from Kering and the Rencontres d’Arles in 2019 and is currently the subject of a traveling retrospective exhibition. Lindsay Morris is a published photographer whose work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Time Magazine, and Vanity Fair, among others. Her work reaches beyond photography and in October of this year, she will take the stage as a TEDWomen Speaker. Come hear Susan and Lindsay in dialogue and learn the art of documenting human stories.

Meiselas’s steadfast approach to photography prioritizes the image over the artist. Grounded in immersion, Susan has spent more than five decades focusing on the lives, stories, and perspectives of subjects on the edge of the mainstream. Seeking to dispel ignorance and foster an expanding worldview, Meiselas has remained ardent in her belief that the relationship with her subjects, the key to producing work that illuminates their story, is immersion, collaboration, and fully understanding their perspective.

Morris has grounded herself in the documentation of her personal life and the stories of her surrounding community. Documenting the experience of a weekend summer camp for gender-expansive children and their families, Morris garnered worldwide attention for her work, which reached “beyond the confines of the camp” and contributed “to a dialogue about the crucial role support plays.”

Join us for what is sure to be an insightful discussion offering insight and wisdom to any inspiring photojournalist, documentary filmmaker, storyteller, and inquiring mind. Susan’s and Lindsay’s work are part of our exhibition RE:CYCLE – The Ubiquitous Bike, and can be viewed during our exhibition hours, Wed–Sun from 12 PM to 5 PM. Following the discussion between the two there will be a Q&A. What will you ask?


Sat, Dec 9, 2023 6:00 PM to 7:45 PM


  • The Church
  • 48 Madison Street, Sag Harbor, NY, USA

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